Thursday, October 8, 2015

Smart Logistics Solution

Smart Philippines unveils new logistic solution product to improve transport, distribution industry, logistics firms operational efficiency. Where every-move or activity is documented online. If you could imagine financial or BPO company using paperless office to prevent fraud. 

Same as well to public bus liners transport group company who use advance ticketing system. Or foreign logistics company who use tracker in every destination or stop over via cloud. Who dominates the industry even win customer-partners trust.   

Last month at Blue Leaf events place - Aseana Park, Paranaque City. Smart shows us various ways on how improve efficiency even outperform your competition using these cutting edge technology solutions. 

Imagine if you have trucking or taxi company in the Philippines. You can track down every minute activity, location or even the trail route of your driver. So you keep eye on you business and merchandise. 

ePLDT CEO Eric Albert note “To stay ahead in today’s competitive business landscape, it is crucial for companies to provide speed and accuracy in delivering their services,” he said. 

“Through Smart Logistics Solutions, we will empower transport companies to enable prompt service, accurate tracking of assets and access data by automating their business."

Venture forward

Smart Tracker is a solution that utilizes GPS tracking system to enable users to monitor their vehicle or field force personnel’s location in real time. This solution will help businesses increase operational efficiency and ensure asset security.
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Smart E-ticketing handles scheduling and fares for transport companies. It manages and monitors admissions and retail from your head office while tracking sales real-time.

Smart Fleet is a cloud-based solutions designed to help businesses perform the following operations – vehicle management including maintenance, dispatching and cashiering, driver data and reports.

Smart Form is a digital way of tracking goods’ shipment that leverages the mobile technology and replaces the pen-and-paper system.

PLDT FVP Kat Luna-Abelarde said “Speed and accuracy in delivering services give SMEs the edge in today’s fast paced and technology driven business landscape. 

With Smart Logistics Solutions, it does not have to be a strain on the overhead expenses nor does it have to be complex. To thrive in today’s digitally changing times, SMEs need to be able to harness technology to their advantage, and that’s our mission.”

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