Monday, December 28, 2015

NMax Ultimate Roadtrip Manila, Pampanga, Tarlac to Baguio City

Picture above driving NMAX is no other than the champ #46 Valentino Rossi. I was with the coaster team last Dec 9-10, 2015 during Yamaha Ultimate Roadtrip from Manila, Pampanga, Tarlac to Baguio City. Before going to Pine City more or less 200KM from the Metro Manila. I was wondering, If I have enough rigid bike training. I was thinking about of a 9 day road trip in US having pictures to those 48 states. And Europe for 14 days having selfies on those famous city landmarks. Or just by city or local town visit across 81 Philippine provinces. 

Motorcycle cross country convoy caravan road trip like they do in Africa and Latin America. Day dreaming of a jet-setting trip of having breakfast in NY, lunch in Dallas and dinner in Vegas. So enough with travel motoring daydreaming, because the Ultimate NMAX reality trip actually happened of having a breakfast with Yamaha folks in Ortigas HQ, lunch in Isdaan Farm in Tarlac and Forest Lodge Dinner in Camp John Hay Bagiou City.  
The other Touring Team folks batch were already in Angeles, Pampanga meet up to ride the latest NMAX motors going to Baguio.  Upon entering the Pine City forest lodge we were greeted by Mr Kaoru Ogura with everlasting flower on neck. Like the do in Hawaii when the ship or plane docks to tourist.  So we were ready for #NMAXmediatour launch. 

Before that we were entertained by Ms RWM 1st Runner Up Harpist Avonlea Paraiso and Richard Poon with those lovely classic love-songs. Feeling your in Nothing Hill and Titanic movie while enjoying the wine and gala theme formal fine dinner. 

So were ready for the main event of the first 155cc liquid cooled motor scooter that boasts the blue core engine with variable valves actuation VVA comes with front and rear disk brakes which is mostly found on a typical big bike. Which in not an ordinary design that keeps riders safety so easy and smooth to ride. Trina Lagrosa and Mark Acle gives me the mic for query. I asked about racing future activities exclusively for Nmax or any Yamaha. Jude replied they have lot in line up. But they have surprise next year by Jan or Feb.

We test ride the bike at Kennon Road together with Moto Riding expert Darwin and Kermit of News Moto. I was the backseat driver for pure blood rider Kermit. And actually given the slot to drive the 499cc TMAX by Jude Camus back in Manila but I opt out to pass the mask rider black torch to the skilled Darwin. He said the experience is better during night than daylight. Maybe next time when Im familiar with the zigzag sloppy mountains road and enough training with big motor engines.

The night before the test ride we roamed around the city's club called ampersand (tsogs tsogs) and bars via local cab. Im alive I feel young at heart gain party like a college rockstar. Also they said that trip in the city is not complete without walking around session road so we did. While talking about motor bike trip to various province stories. 

Even the controversial kick glide accident funny rivalry in Moto GP. Told them about the cab driver who's a moto driver in MY that hes sport is much more exciting. Compare to mine last year Singapore GP. Because of the skill driver and machine driving combination. So I just let him told me a lot of moto story while he drives for me at the f1 main event. 

Going back we visit also PMA the premiere military school in Asia. Most of my supposed to be mistah here, decade ago way back here was already on Col, Capt and Maj post. Also the mines view it feels good the breath fresh air here and see the natures view. So long congrats to Yamaha NMAX see those magnificent man driving on road with those powerful scooter machines.  



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