Sunday, February 14, 2016

Dental Technology Teeth Whitening @ SGS Dental Manila in Quezon City

Speaking of Technology...My teeth just turned from light yellowish to Pearly White teeth couple of weeks ago. When I tried the Dental Technology Teeth Whitening service by SGS Dental Manila in Quezon City. I drink lots of coffee, soda, beer, wine and do smoke cigar sometime that's why. So I really need to take care of my teeth.

I've got the prize of..I the mean liability of tasting then pleasing my taste buds and appetite. As well as enjoying earths goodness. As a foodie, drinker and occasionally smoker. But the service made by Dr Snyder couple of weeks ago proves me that..that yellowish teeth can turn into pearl white teeth just in 1 hr. To regain someone confidence and killer smile.
So, I've undergone 4 series of whitening cycles using SGS state of the art advance technology using blue LED laser. Because they have Led Whitening Machine, Panoramic and Cephalometric Dental Xray, Periapical Xray. Those advanced technology dental lab equipment from Korea cost almost 2 million peso. 

The feeling and comfort was good using those machines were excellent. Afterwards I can see the difference of my teeth color.  It is good for me now it is good for you as well. 

Doc Paul's clinic also accepts dental service for kids. See some of its satisfied patients testimonials aside from me some of them are celebrities. 

"It was my first time go to there this morning, checked out the clinic while waiting. All i can say, it was very clean, hightech advance machines they have and well arrange. Besides of that, i had this pasta to fix one of my tooth sa front. Uhm, it was fast, gentle and painless while doing it! I'm a very happy and satisfied patient. See you again next time Doc S". - Justin Lee Rodrigo

"They offer an above standard quality dental care which I highly recommend. Indeed, it was an excellent experience for me to come back for"!- Shane Go

"Super satisfied with my Teeth Whitening Treatment. High tech equipments and very relaxing ambiance. Location is accessible as well Plus they are Gentle while doing the procedure. Definitely worth it!" - Zandra Faye Gonzales

"Fast and painless tooth extraction! I'm a very happy and satisfied patient. See you again next week! Thank you, Doc Ishi and Doc Snyder!" - Natasha Galicia
The clinic offers wide range of Oral health care services that maximize each one comfort. The top quality of dental health care service. Performed to me by Dr Snyder Paul G. Salvosa and staff was excellent and exceed expectation. First Involves orientation and consultation.  
Doc Paul educates me the basics and explain why.Then recommendation what is best to the type of teeth that I have. Followed by documentation disclosure before the dental treatment procedure. Legal wise for both party to waived each parties liability. 
Then visuals while the operation is on going. So you'll see what is exactly happening on your teeth. Last is the things to do to maintain that whiteness. So if your looking for one of the best dental service in Metro Manila. I recommend SGS Dental Manila. Visit the clinic in Quezon City and see the difference or like Dental clinic fanpage in facebook.

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