Monday, April 4, 2016

Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing Create Next-Gen Frankenstein

Much to the joy of auto fans (and the long dead Mary Shelley), the legendary British automobile brand Aston Martin have teamed yet again with their Formula One partner Red Bull Racing to unveil their newest abomination. The official press release revealed ‘AM-RB 001’ to be the codename for their hypercar project, which according to the manufacturers will define the next phase of automobile racing. 
The new vehicle will be built from ground up and will receive some of the most advanced assembly including groundbreaking technologies from both Red Bull Racing and Aston Martin.  

The collaboration has been made possible through the efforts of Mr. Adrian Newey who serves as the Chief Technical Officer for Red Bull racing and Mr. Marek Reichman who is the Chief Creative Officer for Aston Martin. Being noted among the most prestigious luxury car manufacturer, Aston Martin’s last Gran Prix appearance was back in 1960. 

They have since shifted their focus towards developing more street friendly sports cars and this new collaboration will be the first time they would re-enter the world of racing with the AM-RB 001 Hypercar. 

Both corporations were equally thrilled about their latest venture with Aston all excited about its Formula One return, while Red Bull Racing is starstruck and eager to try their latest drive train upgrades and technologies on some of the best sports cars across the globe. The AM-RB 001 Project has also been defined as their attempt to create a definitive hypercar, that will set the stage for all future race car and sports car design.

But the most exciting news is yet to be revealed by the manufacturers as Aston Martin’s CEO has already hinted that the same racing technology will also be featured on their limited edition Vanquish. The upgraded Vanquish will reportedly be limited to only 99 units and is likely to be offered at a price tag of approximately $5 million. 

Sounds like a pretty decent price range for the particular segment and the 99 unit only stock also does a great job of making it far more exclusive than any vehicle on their bill. The Aston Martin racing team also made their debut back in 2005 and thanks to the new collaboration with Red Bull Racing, will finally get to grind some rubber against the Formulae One asphalt. Sorry again Mary Shelley!

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