Tuesday, December 27, 2016

See Low Carbon Economy #WorldIn2026 2017 Masdar Social Media Engage

This is how I vision now..To see and practise Low Carbon Economy in year 2026. Changes are in need to be execute daily like renewable energy ways-means to save the environment. Everything that we do daily from home to office that way of saving energy consumption must always be creative, technical, ideal and present. Like zero carbon priority like in the Masdar Top 10 findings youth survey on low carbon illustration.

I've attended several symposium, product expo and blog press conference in the country. And find our several good practices about saving energy. Like promoting solar boats, products and fuel economic vehicles. Another thing is to install solar panel at home or office as alternative source of energy. My last Worlds largest Solar boat MS Turanor tour is amazing to be be applied to every sailor-water travelers that navigates 71% of earth composition. 
In office you can reuse printer cartridges by using compatibles or not printing the document if not necessary by saving it on cloud or just simply resenting it on your own email to access it home or anywhere. So it can save trees and energy in producing those printing inks and paper supplies. We can do a lot of recycling thing in the office like automated on/off program of unused lights or computers.

At home some people in the Philippines in Rural or multi dwelling area. Uses 1 liter soft drink plastic container as a bulb to lit up the house or community. Another way of saving daylight or means to save electrical power consumption. Some in buildings, businesses or apartment office as well. So, It doesn't matter, so whether your in poor and rich community as long you can find different ways to save energy. Another way is to recycle laundry water as gardening. Or humans manure as cooking fuel even unused papers.
As I travel to various continents and browse the net, I observed some of the Eco friendly cities applies great technology that we can do to our own town or city as well. Like what they do in Copenghagen goal to have 50% of people to go biking. While Vancouver makes use of its natural blessings like the mountain hydro-power. To make city's air pure and clean composed of 200 parks to make it easy for locals. 

My last world cup trip as we stopover Amsterdam before Rio. Is they the transform the city into green pedestrian friendly environment smart transportation and urban farm. That will impact tourist wow factor when it comes to burden in traffic. While Stockholm sourced raw material to freshly caught fish, is that amazing? If it will be apply to every industry and every livelihood form to every city in the world? While the Swedish government rewards its people financially by recycling.
Been to Singapore several times but its building got gardens. What if all buildings in the wold got hanging and rooftop gardens? We have plenty of oxygen supply to breath, even vegetables fruit food to pick to eat or cook just beside our office or high rise condo unit. Portland did banned plastics usage and do carpooling green activities in America. Yeah enjoy the joyride and paper-bag groceries.

Oslo the most populated city in Norway does encourage children to ride a bike going to school. Like what I did in High school, Grade School even college years. Also encourage commuters to use hydroelectric public transportation. While Freiburg encouraged a car free city and many solar powered buildings.  

Iceland capital Reyjavik thought the geothermal power providing 90% of the country heating power to reduce pollution. While Berlin thought its people to have do it yourself  making when it comes to furniture and clothing wear. It made me realize that do it yourself save a lot of energy and pollution.

Couple of year ago I was in Abu Dhabi for f1 season finally, Ferrari World and Dubai Tour. To summed up to all the cities I mentioned above, I believe they are superior based on what I've seen and experienced as I travel. They have the tallest tower and most advanced technology when it comes to everything. 

I found out that UAE is totally advanced when it comes to all of these low carbon green features. As I biked around Emirates Palace I can never imagine there's great well maintained eco friendly garden, attractive flowers, green crystal clear sea, fine sand and paradise inside the dessert. 

Hope to see the Iron-man Energy Enthusiast and advocates again this coming Masdar World Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi this January 2017. So cover the wonderful mother earth protection event and see the better world in the making this coming 2026! #WorldIn2026

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