Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Shopee Goes Tech Event and Online Buying Experience

Last month I attended Shopee tech media event at Sage Bar, Makati Shang. One of the 1st mobile shopping platform that offers buyers and sellers free shipping and COD option. I just experienced the order and delivery shopping experience this week. 

What I liked most is that they will send you notification via mobile that the dealer and courier is already/ETA at your doorsteps. So you wont miss your items. In my case the courier came back twice because I'm not at home. But I'm aware because he was texting me. So I have the peace of mind where my Avengers and undergarments ordered are now. 

Past years, I've saw a lot of disappointment online and in social media about courier frustration of undelivered items. I experienced it myself and some friends even with big brands sites and shipping company. Some small sites and business shut down because of this.

That's why its very difficult to trust online shopping-delivery sometimes. I saw how big and small start up rise and fall due to these unhealthy business-personal transactions. Because of customer trust rate as well as suppliers customer service issue. 

But in my case this month I'll give it a 2 thumbs up and a smile on my face. I just realized that has a strong flatform. Model that anticipate fraud and protects both buyer and seller. Most importantly customer needs of really a shopper really need. I can even give shopee and suppliers a feedback if I don't like or like its products. 

If you take a look at the site this March they have promo on mobile, smart watches, powerbanks, virtual gear, accessories, clothes and tech stuff. To shopee peeps congrats you did a wonderful web-mobile creation and happy customer experience!

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