Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Kings of Destiny One Championship Fight Night

Last Friday night I witnessed again another big MMA event in the country. The Kings of Destiny One Championship Fight Night was one of the best in the country. If your taking about MMA and boxing fighting sport in general for past decades you will recognize the superiority of Blacks, Mexicans and Brazilians. 

But last Friday night it was different, 5 Filipinos from Team Lakay Baguio City not from Kings MMA, Cesar Gracie Fight Team or Wild Card Gym secured the winnings. Meaning to say Filipinos now are dominating the fighting games over foreign foes. Some of the wins were really brutal and dangerous like the bloody TKO of Belingon and Banario. Real enough to see how Pinoy's performed in the octagon cage.
It attract great international sponsor like Godaddy, Predator gaming laptop 21x that is being given to the victorious Kevin after TKO and silencing its opponent. Kim Domingo and Predator executives gives the top of the line latest laptop to the winner. As a prizefighter reward roughly 11k-12k $US worth of top of the line gaming device.  

For them they aren't now represent the blue, red, 3 stars and sun..but the whole world. As they build career in their perspective weight divisions. I stayed at the ringside during that night and luckily made a high five "apir" with Manny Pacman and some of the World Champs like Folayang, Banario, Vera and Belingon.  

Ed and Ev main event fight were tough up till the end of the rounds. It was quite a close fight and I can in their eyes that they are both like to defeat each other before, during and after the fight. Ev made Ed missed a lot of fast-powerful spinning kick and back fist. 

It was a great defense from him and make him look good over Ed after the fight. But by the end of the match still Ed defends its first world title that hard way. The 10 fights were exciting last Friday night and half of those were won by Filipinos. But who knows next record breaking international sport fight night trend. 

Not only filling up not the entire SM MOA Arena which has 20k full house seating capacity but the Philippine Arena with 51k. Because fans make fights, and right now were are making one of the biggest Philippine world history sport fighting makeshift.

Here comes the excitement of the main event Live. There's stars.. there were superstars and there were legends. All eyes are watching in attendance of billions of fans around the globe. When the bell rings! Lets Get Ready To Rumble! #fightnight #onechampionship #mma #boxing 

See the clips and video replay on One Championship Facebook fanpage. TV: Check local listings for global broadcast PPV: Official livestream atoneppv.com Tickets: bit.ly/oneheroes

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