Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Kings of Destiny Pre Fight Meeting before Main Event April 21, 2017

Tomorrow will be the Judgment Day between Ed and Ev for Lightweight world title. Ev was the underdog same with Ed last year as he steals the belt from the Legendary Aoki of Japan. MMA is like Boxing if you beat the legends you'll became a legend as well. But for tomorrows result will change the history as Ed was the Ace high in his 1st title defense. See more of Collin's @ Creative G fanpage photos here

Last April 18, I meet the legends at City of Dream Manila. Ed from Baguio told us about the explosive fireworks tomorrow in MOA Arena. Ev as the 1st Malaysian hopeful to win the 1st world title in MMA. It seems like One Championship turned Manila into Las Vegas. Aside from fighters in front stage there a lot of fighters were also present. And One Champ like Angela Lee to support the event.  
I saw several fighting clips of Ed and Ev. They both great puncher and kick striker. The turning back fist, knee strike, side and spinning turning kick were dangerous. But Ev the #1 contender came from KL, Malaysia to our house to make a name for himself. Both were playing predator's Street Fighter last month. Fighting each other till victory was won virtually. But tomorrows reality is the most important one. 

Ev's roundhouse or head kick and precise grappling techniques were one of his strongest advantage to steal the belt. I think, If he would utilize it in perfect timing he might be. Although he mentioned that he was not the fastest and strongest but he won fights. His unpredictability, as one of the high profile wrestling and grappling arsenal unleashed his previous winning records. 
The training and previous fights for both fighters were impressive. See both best fighting videos and stories here. The match will be broadcast to most world local and international cable channels like Fox and ABS, online streaming PPV across 118+ countries. To meet the fighting demands of more than 1 billion fans. 

Joining on stage were Kevin Benning - City of Dreams VP, Loren Mack One Championship Promoter, Christian "The Warrior" Lee, Wan "The Werewolf" Jian Ping and Gina "Conviction" Iniong will fight against Natalie "The Kilapino" Hills in women's Atom Division. Ring Girls Myra Golloso and Kimbherly Tabug. Visit for more updates.

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