Sunday, June 30, 2024

Mansion Sports Club Unveils State-of-the-Art 7v7 Football Pitch in Ho Chi Minh City

VIETNAM, 28 JUNE 2024 - The Mansion Sports Club has launched its first facility in An Phu, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, offering an advanced football experience that blends technology, community engagement, and luxury amenities.

Mansion Sports Club reimagines the traditional football pitch with flexible configurations tailored to different styles, formats, and teams. The facility can transform a full-sized 11v11 pitch into three 7v7 pitches or six 5v5 pitches.

Features such as racing seats and sunken goalposts enhance the playing and viewing experience, providing a professional atmosphere and added stability.

The club also boasts a multi-purpose press conference room and a video production room for media engagements and game analysis, catering to both players and the media.

Beyond the pitch, the facility offers amenities designed for comfort and convenience. A cafe, a merchandise store, an elevated VIP viewing deck with air conditioning, and a BBQ area enhance the overall spectator experience. 

Additional features include secure equipment storage, team-friendly changing rooms, and strategically placed toilets with views of the pitch.

Technological advancements are a key aspect of Mansion Sports Club. Electric sign boards facilitate smooth player substitutions, video assistant referee (VAR) technology ensures fair play, and AI-powered cameras provide detailed game analysis. Professional referees and live commentators further enrich the matchday experience.

The club's opening comes on the heels of hosting the inaugural national 7v7 pro tournament, the Mansion Sports Cup.

Mansion Sports Club's debut signals a significant development for football in Ho Chi Minh City, with more innovations on the horizon

About MSEG

MSEG International Limited is a leading private equity firm based in the UK, specializing in investments across sports facilities, sports news portals, and sports entertainment. 

With our team of experts in their field, our mission is to drive innovation and growth in the sports industry; though Integrity, Collaboration, and Sustainability. We are shaping the future of sports in different markets around the world. Join us in driving positive change in the sports industry.



Saturday, June 15, 2024

ArenaPlus brings fun-filled Star Magic All Star Games 2024

ArenaPlus, your 24/7 sports betting app, added more fun and entertainment to the most anticipated Star Magic All Star Games 2024 on June 3 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

ArenaPlus has been with the ABS-CBN Star Magic in providing enjoyable activities designed to bring their favorite artists closer to their fans.

As the lead presenter of this year’s game, ArenaPlus enjoined ABS-CBN to gather today’s favorite and young stars in a basketball and volleyball game made special with the participation of known groups and individuals in sports and entertainment.

This year's ABS-CBN Star Magic Volleyball Game was between the Lady Setters, led by BINI Mikha Lim and Anjie Salvacion with PVL star players Fifi Sharma and Dani Ravena, and the Lady Setters, led by Vivoree and Loisa Andalio with PVL star players Celine Domingo and Gel Cayuna.

The Lady Spikers took down the Lady Setters in three sets: 25-20, 22-25, and 25-18. Awra Briguela top-scored for the winning team with 23 points, 22 attacks and a block, while Analain Salvador took the Most Valuable Player.

The Mythical Six members for volleyball were Briguela, Reign Parani, Anji Salvacion, Janna Zambran, Mikha Lim, and Vivoree Escoto. Among the special award recipients were best setter BINI Mikha, best receiver Analain Salvador, best spiker Awra Briguela, and best libero Leona Andalio.

In addition, Star Magic Shooting Stars Blue were led by Donny Pangilinan and Ronnie Alonte, while the internet sensation Cong’s Anbilibabol Basketball, led by Lincoln “Cong'' Velasquez of Team Payaman, fought in a head-to-head basketball game.

Shooting Stars Blue's win over Cong's Anbilibabol Basketball with 88-76 score. Alonte, who emerged as the match MVP, fired 27 points, 5 rebounds, and 4 assists. 

Among the mythical five were Star Magic stars Ronnie Alonte, Donnie Pangilinan, and River Joseph, along with Team Payaman members Chris Lagudas and Nelson Mendoza.

Aside from the games, the crowd went wild during the half-time performance by the rising girl group BINI, with their top hit songs “Karera” and “Pantropiko.”

ArenaPlus ensures that it supports all major entertainment events in the country. The growing partnership with ABS-CBN is a testimony that the brand is being entrusted to make any entertainment and sports event in the country fun and enjoyable, anytime and anywhere.

DigiPlus is the fastest-growing digital entertainment company in the country. It operates the country’s leading digital platforms, BingoPlus, ArenaPlus, PeryaGame, Tongits+, and BingoPlus Poker, 

with more to come. ArenaPlus, the leading sports betting app that provides various sports live streaming in the Philippines, serves as the leading sports entertainment gateway for Filipinos. For more information, visit

Sunday, June 9, 2024

Healthtech Startup Mylo Speech Buddy Selected for 2024 Echelon's TOP100 Growth Program

Mylo Speech Buddy, an app designed to support individuals with speech delays and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), has earned a spot at the Echelon’s TOP100 Startups, hosted at the Singapore Expo on May 15-16, 2024. 

Echelon X, e27's technology event, brought together over 7,000 startups, SMEs, exhibitors, investors, corporates, government institutions, and other ecosystem stakeholders from more than 30 Asian countries, all aimed at fostering tech ecosystem resilience through collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovation. 

This year, TOP100 Program has honed its selection process to spotlight startups poised for exponential growth. Selected startups benefit from regional exposure, funding opportunities, mentorship, and access to exclusive networking events. They will also embark in a six-month program, featuring one on one coaching and exclusive masterclasses. 

Embracing themes like agile practices, collaborative ecosystems, and sustainability, Echelon X featured 150 speakers and 46 sessions, providing insights for startups discussing today's dynamic landscape. The TOP100 Program startups had access to these sessions, further enriching their experience and knowledge. 

Meanwhile, Mylo Speech Buddy was joined by nine other Philippine startups that have participated in exclusive events and masterclass since March, gaining access to over 800 investors on the e27 PRO Connect platform. They showcased their innovations at exhibition booths and tried to earn a spot to present on the Pitch Stage.

"Being part of Echelon’s TOP100 Growth Program is an ‘ausome’ opportunity for Mylo Speech Buddy and for my fellow autism parents. This opportunity provides us with unparalleled access to investors and mentors who can help us scale our impact. 

We are excited to leverage this platform to further our mission of supporting children with ASD and speech delays,” Vincent Rocha, CEO and Founder of Mylo Speech Buddy. 

Launched on April 2 in conjunction with World Autism Awareness Day, Mylo Speech Buddy is committed to supporting more individuals on the autism spectrum, particularly in their journey from zero words to their first spoken word.

"The mentorship and exposure we have gained through the TOP100 Growth Program have been inspiring since our launch last month. We are eager to continue our journey and collaborate with other innovative startups and industry leaders to make a meaningful difference in the lives of children and their families," he added. 

As the Southeast Asian startup ecosystem continues to grow, programs like TOP100 are crucial in supporting the next generation of startups to ensure startups have the resources and guidance needed to thrive. 

Echelon also revealed plans to create Echelon Philippines this upcoming September, noting the country's significant market potential and funding opportunities.


Established in July 2023 by Vincent Rocha and Enrico Aquino, Mylo Speech Buddy is a rapidly growing Filipino startup company. It offers an innovative speech development 

app tailored to assist children with speech delays, especially those on the autism spectrum. The app is readily available for download on both the App Store and Google Play Store platforms.

The company was established to address a personal challenge encountered by its founders, stemming from the scarcity of therapists. This challenge is not unique to local families but is also experienced internationally by those within the Ausome community.

Mylo collaborates closely with speech pathologists, occupational therapists, and medical professionals who prioritize the unique needs of children within the autism spectrum.

Mylo was also a notable finalist on the 9th season of CNN Philippines’ “The Final Pitch”, a contender in the Department of Trade and Industry backed-SLINGSHOT x Venture Pilipinas Pitch Competition, and 1st runner up at the PLDT and Smart Startup Innovation Challenge. 




Saturday, June 8, 2024

Converge Boosts Fighting Maroons With Team Shuttles

Converge ICT Solutions, a solid supporter of the UP Men’s Basketball Team (UPMBT), turned over two  shuttles to the Fighting Maroons for their mobility needs.

Converge Brand and Marketing Head Orange Ramirez and Senior Marketing Services Specialist Joven Quintana handed over the keys to the shuttles to UP officials led by President Atty. Jijil Jimenez, UP Diliman 

Chancellor Atty. Carlo Vistan and UP Office for Athletics and Sports Development director Bo Perasol in a simple turnover ceremony. The event was also attended by nowheretogobutUP Foundation officials led by Chairman Jed Eva, the UP Fighting Maroons and their coaches.

UP Fighting Maroons assistant team manager Hyatt Basman expressed the team’s appreciation for Converge’s generosity.

“As always, we are grateful and appreciative of Converge’s support all through these years, especially during the pandemic,” said Basman. “This will not just be of great help to the basketball team, but to other UP varsity teams as well.”

UP OASD director Perasol also thanked Converge for their initiative and unwavering support.

“First of all, we want to thank Sir Dennis Uy and the Converge family for their support. But most importantly, for being there for us and with us during tough times while we were in the middle of the pandemic.”

Converge first entered into a partnership with the UP Fighting Maroons in 2020 when they provided free internet access to UP students during the days of distance learning only. 

The connectivity provided by Converge helped students weather the demands and difficulties of remote learning during that time, through Kaagapay UP.

Saturday, April 27, 2024

Novel Explanation for Long-Standing Neutron Lifetime Problem Proposed by UP Nuclear Physicist By Harvey Sapigao


Atoms are both a wave and a particle, similar to water waves (which are waves) that give rise to water droplets (which are particles) (Photo credit: Zhang Kaiyv on Unsplash)

Neutrons, when plucked from the nucleus of atoms, become unstable and decay after some time. Physicists know that these unstable neutrons die after about 14 minutes, but they cannot pinpoint the exact seconds in which the neutrons last, even as today’s experiments are at their most precise. 

This problem, known as the neutron lifetime anomaly, arises because two different but equally rigorous experimental methods – the beam method and the bottle method – produce different results. A popular reason is that some undiscovered phenomenon might be at play.

But Dr. Denny Lane Sombillo of the UP Diliman College of Science National Institute of Physics (UPD-CS NIP) thinks the explanation may lie in how time behaves at a quantum level. “If this [theory] is correct,” he said, “we don’t need to modify the known physics and simply focus on the nature of time in quantum mechanics.”

Dr. Sombillo’s theory involves a separate problem called the quantum time of arrival (QTOA) problem. His theory is built upon the works of Dr. Eric Galapon of UPD-CS NIP. By employing Einstein’s concept of causality in Dr. Galapon’s work, Dr. Sombillo provides an intuitive picture of the quantum time of arrival problem, one that can be used to explain other mysteries such as the neutron lifetime anomaly.

Time of Arrival in Classical vs. Quantum Mechanics

In classical mechanics, a car traveling at 40 kilometers per hour will arrive at the destination 40 kilometers away in exactly one hour. So long as the speed of the car and the distance to the destination do not change, we can be sure that the car’s time of arrival will always be one hour.

A different story emerges in quantum mechanics. An atom traveling at some speed will reach its destination – say, a detector – after some time. However, a weird quirk of an atom is that we can prepare its exact position or exact speed, but not both at the same time. That is, we can prepare it with an exact speed, but we cannot set how far away it is from the detector, and vice-versa. As a result, we cannot be sure of the atom’s time of arrival; we can only know the probability of it arriving after a certain time.

This feature called the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, owes its weirdness to the duality of atoms as both a wave and a particle. Naturally, atoms are clouds of probabilities with no definite properties, much like the ambiguity of a wave. When measured or prepared, however, atoms instantaneously acquire exact properties, much like the distinctness of a particle.

Dr. Galapon's theory on QTOA posits that right after the atom is prepared, it collapses into a specific type of wave. After some time, this wave will evolve and turn into a particle. This process is aptly named the Galapon collapse mechanism (GCM).

Employing Causality

However, Dr. Sombillo noticed that the theory allows for a situation where the atom instantaneously arrives at the detector. That is, the atom can “teleport” to the detector, rendering no time to travel, which is physically impossible. This also violates the concept of causality, which states that one event (a cause) must first happen before another event (an effect).

“You can think of causality as the proper ordering of events,” Dr. Sombillo explained. In the traveling atom, for example, the proper order of events would be that the atom must be prepared first (a cause) before appearing at the detector (an effect). That is, the atom should not be detected by the detector if it has not yet been prepared.

Dr. Galapon’s theory allows for the reversed ordering of events where the detection of the atom precedes its preparation.  “Intuitively, this reversed ordering should not be in the theory, but it is not easy to identify this loophole using mathematics alone,” Dr. Sombillo said. “One needs to evaluate the physical implications of the formalism.”

By employing causality, Dr. Sombillo and his collaborator, Dr. Neris Sombillo of Ateneo de Manila University, were able to fix the issue. “We found that the instantaneous arrival time can be removed if we impose causality in the formulation of the time of arrival operator theory,” he said. “Even if we remove the causality-violating part, the quantum correction to time remains.” Their improved formulations can now be used to explain physical phenomena such as the neutron lifetime anomaly.

Neutron Lifetime Anomaly

When an unstable neutron dies, it changes into a proton, emitting an electron and antineutrino. But exactly how long before this process happens is still unknown. The beam experiment suggests that the unstable neutron lasts an average of 14 minutes and 48 seconds, while the bottle experiment suggests 14 minutes and 39 seconds – a nine-second difference.

Dr. Sombillo believes that the difference comes from how the neutrons are initially prepared, which would have affected their lifetime. Just like in the quantum time of arrival problem where the atom’s particle-like state affects how it will evolve into a wave, the neutron's initial state affects how it will decay.

The beam and bottle experiment, he theorizes, sets the neutrons with dissimilar quantum characteristics. Plugging these values into his equations on quantum time of arrival would result in different neutron lifetimes, accounting for the discrepancy in the experiments.

Now published in Physics Letters A, their paper is the first to merge causality and the quantum time of arrival problem, as well as use it to explain the neutron lifetime anomaly. “Our work is the only proposal that presents the anomaly as a quantum correction to a time observable,” Dr. Sombillo said.  “The paper laid the foundation for future work on the neutron lifetime anomaly using the theory of quantum arrival.”

While their work is still at its preliminary stage, he said that they intend to pursue a more thorough investigation of the quantum time theory in the future. Before transitioning as a nuclear physicist, Dr. Sombillo was part of the quantum time operator research group of UPD-CS NIP. He later learned about the neutron lifetime anomaly and how it might relate to the quantum time of arrival problem after his transition.

Sunday, April 7, 2024

New Clark City Marathon returns for bigger challenge in 2024

                           Clark International Airport Corp. Chief Strategic Communications and Corporate Events Officer Augusto Sanchez, RunRio Inc. President and Chief Executive Officer Rio de la Cruz, Bases Conversion and Development Authority Vice President for Strategic Projects Management Randy S. Viacrusis, and national athlete Raymund Torio unveil the finisher shirt for the upcoming New Clark City Marathon on May 19, 2024

Clark International Airport Corp. Chief Strategic Communications and Corporate Events Officer Augusto Sanchez, RunRio Inc. President and Chief Executive Officer Rio de la Cruz, Bases Conversion and Development Authority Vice President for Strategic Projects Management Randy S. Viacrusis, and national athlete Raymund Torio unveil the finisher shirt for the upcoming New Clark City Marathon on May 19, 2024
[Capas, Tarlac] – Calling all competitive runners! The New Clark City Marathon returns for its second year on May 19, 2024, promising an exhilarating journey through breathtaking scenery and a challenging course that will test your GRIT. 

For this year’s New Clark City Marathon inaugural race, RUNRIO Inc., the most sought-after race organizer company in the Philippines, has once again partnered with the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA), a prime mover of national development that transforms former military bases into premier centers of economic growth to bring another marathon to New Clark City, 

following the New Clark City Half-Marathon held in December last year. Engr. Randy S. Viacrusis, BCDA Vice President for Strategic Projects Management, enthusiastically states, "We are thrilled to welcome runners to New Clark City's world-class facilities and extensive road network. 

RunRio's involvement is a testament to New Clark City's status as a premier sports tourism destination in the Philippines." Participants stand on the brink of making history as the pioneering group to conquer a full marathon route, taking runners through the iconic Sacobia Bridge, then the acclaimed world's most beautiful airport—Clark International Airport, the Clark Parade Grounds, and the longest bike lane in the country—the Airport to NCC Access Road (ANAR). 

Within this route lies the recently coined “unli-ahon” and “up-hells” - being one of the toughest courses, it features four formidable heartbreak hills that will push participants' endurance to the absolute limit. The New Clark City Marathon offers distances for runners of all abilities, with categories for 5K, 10K, 21K, and the prestigious 42K full marathon. 

Be among the first to conquer this historic route, which takes runners across the iconic Sacobia Bridge, the Clark International Airport, the Clark Parade Grounds, and the longest bike lane in the country, the Airport to NCC Access Road (ANAR). Sprint to and register today and join us on May 19, 2024, as we witness you conquer the “Unli-Ahon” and “Up-Hells” of the New Clark City Marathon!

Friday, March 8, 2024

Get ready for the TCL Anniversary Aircon Promo Just in Time for Summer!

The biggest price slash off this season is here!

Summer is just around the corner and what a better way to usher in the hottest season than to indulge and give yourself a cool treat. TCL, a leading brand in consumer electronics, is kicking off the summer season with its Anniversary

Promo for the air conditioning category. Oh yes, you heard it right! TCL is giving the biggest discounts on their range of AC units and it will surely shock you with the huge savings that you can get.

“We are happy to give you this exciting anniversary treat for everyone. We’re giving a big slash off to our air conditioning units, as we aim to provide our customers with the ultimate cooling solutions for their homes.” Mr. Loyal Cheng, TCL Chief Executive Officer shares.

Take note, TCL is giving significant discounts on two of their popular air conditioning units namely the CoolPro UV Connect+ and CoolPro Quiet+. Hold on to your seats and dig these irresistible deals on ACs.

For the CoolPro UV Connect+ Air Conditioners, TAC-10CSD/ME12 - 1.0 HP, from SRP of PHP 38,995 to discounted price of PHP 19,995; TAC-13CSD/MEI2 - 1.5 HP from SRP of PHP 40,495 to

discounted price of PHP 21,495; TAC-19CSD/MEI2 - 2.0 HP from SRP of PHP 55,495 to discounted price of PHP 30,995 and TAC-25CSD/ME12 - 2.5 HP from SRP of PHP 63,495 to discounted price of PHP 33,995.

For the CoolPro Quiet+ Air Conditioners, TAC-09CWI/UJE from SRP of PHP 29,995 to discounted price of PHP 18,995 and TAC-09CWI/UJE from SRP of PHP 32,995 to discounted price of PHP 20,995.

And that’s not all, get ready for the biggest AC launch this summer season.
Make way for the CoolPro | FreshIN 2.0 Inverter Fresh Air Conditioner set to
give revolutionizing comfort for your homes.

“In just a few days, we are launching our CoolPro | FreshIN 2.0 Inverter Fresh Air Conditioner. It has advanced features and benefits set to change the game in air conditioning units from its innovations and enhanced designs.

We’re all excited for it!” as Mr. Joseph Cernitchez, TCL Brand Manager gave a teaser for the upcoming launch.

The TCL Anniversary Promo runs starting March 10 until May 31, 2024. For more information, please visit TCL’s official Facebook page or check out the TCL website at

About TCL Philippines:

TCL Electronics (HKG:1070) is a fast-growing consumer electronics company and a leading player in the global TV industry. Founded in 1981, it now operates in over 160 markets globally. TCL specializes in the research, development, and

manufacturing of consumer electronics products ranging from TVs, audio, and smart home appliances. Visit the TCL home page at