Saturday, November 10, 2012

For Men Xmas Gift Bosch Europa Horns/Spark Plug

Gifts maybe if various form as women like shopping bags while men likes cars. So  you may take a look at Bosch reliable name and portfolio in auto technology. You may speak peoples different language and likes unless they won't hear you, nor you can build mutual understanding or relationship.

For Auto and electronic guy this might be impressive. Important for Engineers or mechanic but only something for fashionistas. See Platinum-Iridium Fusion Spark Plug 2,400 peso SRP For quick start, ignition, fuel combustion and longer performance.

Bosch Europa Horns 4 450 Pesos SRP, Built to operate on metro's busy vibration and corrosion. Horns got a supertone made for passenger and private vehicles. Now you got the ball, You got option For Men Xmas Gift from Bosch either Europa Horns/Spark Plug. 

I got to see this various technology at Bosch Facility during our Tour on its Makati City, Philippines Branch couple of month ago. Together with its Global leaders as well as German diplomats. On its increasing performance review, new facilities, sports support and Tesda training support programs.

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