Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Internet, Computers & Software @ iZone-iHUB

Happy New Year to all Internet Computer and Software Geeks! Last January 4, 2013 I was at iZone-iHUB Facilities at the Penthouse of Agustin Building in Ortigas Pasig City, Philippines. As we know the big impact of Software Developers, Steve, Bill, Mark, Instagram, Adroid, iOS, Gaming Apps, Temple Run, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Angry Birds in the world. 

Even the ups and downs of group buying and bidding sites. Make money from membership sites, blogs, forums, ebooks, affliates, youtube or twitter. We meet and have a little chitchat with the owner and people behind this company. And its good to hear and foresee their dreams to us, to everybody.  

I meet people from iZone and fellow bloggers at the event. They are willing to give its computers facilities, staff services and resources for free to help programmers, developers and technoprenuers. I see something like similar to silicon valley venture capitalist for start ups. 

Even to finance various start ups themed as  iZone-iHUB serves as a beacon of innovation in the Philippines. As usual tektok technobubble as we seen fake steve or the gatesnotes blogs. They usually gather people and media mostly bloggers. Even Ballmer of Microsoft & Mark of facebook.
As I understand the value of education and the 4 college drop outs mention above. It takes a lot of common sense to measure the limitless potential of Internet, Computers & Software Industry/World. As far as wide tech-library is concerned. My interest and expectations for this hub as a guide to my BPO, Call Center, Webite and Yellow Pages online business directory start up ventures. 

Either a joint venture winwin situation to this group. I suggest you visit the facility, upcoming techno summit at DAP Ortigas Feb 13, 2013 seminar for free, network and talk to same web minds. Also the usual daily meet ups at the office. Ciao!

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