Thursday, March 21, 2013

Honda TMX Supremo earns the trust of motorcycle drivers

Early this year, Honda Philippines, Inc. (HPI) concluded the “Honda 100K Challenge,” the first of its kind test-driving challenge in the country that involved tricycle drivers and “TODA” (tricycle operators and drivers association) groups here in the Philippines
This one-of-a-kind event pioneered by HPI that started last November 2012 and took around almost 2 months to finish, was participated in by more than 100,000 tricycle drivers from hundreds of TODAs in the entire Luzon area, including parts of Visayas and Mindanao. They all test-drove the Honda TMX Supremo to find out for themselves how this machine can handle everyday driving conditions in any type of road surface.

And based on their reactions, they were more than satisfied and expressed all intentions to buy the Honda TMX Supremo, which they say will help assure them of more savings and bigger earnings.

Mang Erning Manalo, a 43-year-old driver from Laguna who has been a tricycle driver for more than 2 decades already, was elated. “This is the kind of motorcycle I need. It’s easy to drive, very maneuverable, something that many other tricycle drivers in our area would really want. It’s very durable, easy to maintain so I won’t have many problems while on the road.”

On the other hand, Mauricio “Isyong” Tolanes, who drives a motorcycle used for a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) delivery business, was surprised that the Honda TMX Supremo was really easy to handle. 

“I thought it would be slow and a bit bulky, but it turned out to be fast, convenient, and more reliable on the road. Making my deliveries was easy because I could always go back to the store to get more LPGs to deliver to more customers. I’m happy and my boss is also happy,” Tolanes said.

“We really wanted the tricycle drivers, the true ‘Bossing ng Kalsada,’ to see for themselves what the new Honda TMX Supremo has to offer and how it would benefit their lives with savings and more earnings to take home to the family because of a superior motorcycle. 

If they drive a Honda, they are assured of a stable motorcycle that can handle any road challenge with ease because it’s much faster, stable and more reliable,” says Dennis Restor, Sales and Marketing Manager, Honda Philippines, Inc.

Whatever road challenge it may be, trust the Honda TMX Supremo to reign supreme in every aspect with a new and better version of this proven road workhorse that would give more Pinoy motorcycle drivers a solid, stronger, faster and more reliable performance vehicle regardless of road conditions.

Targeting primarily the tricycle drivers, whose vehicles should be always at top-notch condition in order to assure substantial earnings, Honda made the new TMX Supremo more outstanding with superior engine technology than any other motorcycle in the 150cc class. 

The new TMX Supremo features world-class engine specifications that were developed, tested and adjusted by Honda Research and Development in order to fit to the needs of Pinoy motorcycle drivers. This ensures more savings in terms of engine maintenance costs and thus, more earnings.

Above everything else, convenience is what the Honda TMX Supremo offers to tricycle drivers, especially the small businessmen who use motorcycles for their business. It has an electric starter and also a soft kick starter for no-fail timing and smoother engine start, plus an “Easy Access Choke Control” so starting the engine even after long idle times is assured.

With a 4-stroke, OHC, air-cooled engine that provides 7,000rpm and a 5,000rpm max torque, trust the Honda TMX Supremo to provide stronger pulling power and unmatched performance on the road. 

And with a 5-speed, constant mesh manual transmission, performance will never be a problem for the Pinoy tricycle driver, for the TMX Supremo assures total maneuverability and effortless handling—faster, more stable and gas-saving, too.

A faultless and comfortable ride is also what sets the Honda TMX Supremo apart from the competition with a Telescopic Fork front suspension and twin rear suspension for maximum ease, a wide 1306mm wheelbase and a 771mm seat height for riding comfort, especially during long trips.

With these superior product features of the Honda TMX Supremo, durability, power, convenience and comfort are what you can expect.

Go and ask the tricycle drivers and TODAs and they themselves will tell you what kind of motorcycle the Honda TMX Supremo is.

For more information about the new Honda TMX Supremo, visit any Honda authorized 3S shop dealer or call 1-800-10HONDAPH (4663274) or email You can go and like the Honda Philippines, Inc. Facebook page (Honda Motorcycles Ph) or visit Press Release.

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