Thursday, September 12, 2013

Subaru Impreza Challenge 2013 Manila Leg

After 5 years of being part of the Subaru Impreza Challenge since 2009. I can say that the Palm Challenge was exciting every year. And you wouldnt know if your gonna be out or in every years as they selected the top 10 Philippine Team. 

Me and my Brother was part of the top Ten last year. As 42 year old Kc Chong a Singaporean Champion told me that its not that easy. He last 5times and he cried before he won the 6th attempt. 

He strategized and memorized every angle of hand on car, mental attitude towards heat, body pain, hand/feet stress, hallucination and sleepiness. 

Challenge every year came very exciting event the number 1 contender cannot fully say or assure the slot next year. Its up to you if you can hold on the next challenge? 
The Final Top 7 Manila Leg 

But for Manila top 7, and 3 from Davao, Pampanga and Cebu leg. Goodluck hope you win the team competition that the country won last 2010. As well bring the Impreza Car back home in a ten year old game won by Singaporeans.   Kc told us he will coach our national and turn over the big key to the Team or Alex. 

Runner Ups from Top 8 to 17
 Before the Challenge and BGC
 The Philippines 5 year old fellow veterans Alex and Danilo Body Shaken on crucial seconds last top 10 contestants left.
 With 2011 Singaporean Champion KC Chong
 Jasper who owned a subaru excites me about STI
For past 5 years the challenge is on my thumb, that is always being caught by marshals even in Singapore. I cant argue, they are doing their job. Better luck next time.
 Danilo Top 10 for the past 5 years lost this year as Manila Leg top8
 KC flew all way from Singapore to support us with DJ 
 Extra challenge is not that easy, rain or shine body pain and shaken
How long can you stay with out being caught by Marshal?
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