Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pinay Racer Michele Bumgarner Top10 to Mazda Indy

We welcome last October 14, 2013 at Milky Way Makati City the Pinay Racer Michele Bumgarner for being on Top10 last Mazda Indy.  The 24 year old Started 11th and Finish 9th in Houston Circuit. Just Behind behind World Speed Motorsports teammate Kyle Kaiser. 

She got the Staubli Award as well as the Quarter Master Hard Charger Award for making up 4 positions. She Completed 1st 5 races in 2008 season when it was still known as Star Mazda Championship.

If your new to IndyCar its like an F1 open-wheel car with max speed of 230mph race made in huge tracks like Las Vegas or Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Compare to F1 which is more expensive who catches worldwide attention. 
But rarely reach 210mph because of turns raced in Historical like Monaco or newest track in Singapore Streets. While NASCAR can rarely approach 210mph a purely American sport like Sprint Cup in Talladega or Daytona. So I asked her more Why Watch Indy?

How you encourage Pinoy to watch Indy?

Michelle: Of course I hope that when I do eventually make it to IndyCar that that should encourage them enough to watch me represent our country! Haha. 

Whats make Indy unique to Nascar, Moto and F1?

Michele: I think what makes IndyCar unique are: 

a. The tracks they run on, because they're the only types of Open Wheel to race on both Road course/street course and ovals 

b. They are more fan friendly. 

F1 and Nascar can be very tight and strict with everything, where in IndyCar, they make sure to make time for their fans, like holding autograph sessions in the IndyCar Fan Village every race weekend, so the fans can actually get up close and personal and meet their favorite drivers. In F1 and Nascar, you only dream of a chance meeting with the drivers.

Lastly the Fanboy asked. What keeping you fast, pretty and busy? 

Michele: Since arriving in Manila friday evening, I have been non stop with firstly getting Lasik surgery the morning after arriving and now with meetings and interviews since I'm here for such a short period of time. 

I'm trying to squeeze in some family time and to see my friends when I can! I'm hoping I have nothing going on tomorrow so I can finally play tennis!  

Now Im thinking of being a Sports Champion is totally face off. I was wrong when I'm seeing beauties with great talent like Annika Sorenstam, Maria Sharapova or Michele Bumgarner winning its own discipline. 

Bumgarner does also several exercise training program series in Pit Fit, Seat Fit, Sonoma, CA Testing, Press Tour. Being backed by Mazda Philippines as part of Indy Program shes ready for 2014 Pro Mazda Championship that will kick off this March 2014.

As you may see here profile on pics below or google. The making from winning go carts, various cars, AF2 road to Indy. For more updates about her visit or Tweet @Mazda_ph

See more Video on how she was interviewed by Former Race Champ Mike Potentiano and Global media actual race ABS CBN Here. Its been like yesterday when I'm testing various Mazda latest models

Together with Berjaya's Sherlyn Co. As well as our Host Japeth Castillo's talking about Mazda fun starts with lowest down-payment of 49k last in Ortigas Appreciation Night.

Mazda & Berjaya Philippines President Steven Tan Said “You have to look at the context of Michele’s historical accomplishment to fully appreciate where she is now, and where Michele is heading" So Mr. Tan is Optimistic that Michele is capable in this competitive sport. For Team Philippines, Good-luck for Mazda Pro 2014.

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