Thursday, November 28, 2013

Boxing over the Decades

The last Pacqiuao-Rios fight in Macau was quite satisfactory. But if your a superboxing fan, you want something different or more. Like if your watching NBA or Formula1 Championship you got excite to close fight. Like The latest Miami/Spurs Finals, the Remarkable Bulls/Utah, Hunt/Lauda or Shumi/Mika. makes you tell yourself after the fight this is the show. I think watching this last week is like watching an Amateur being made as a punching bag by the Pro. 

Boxing council should do better than this making them match the 8th time world Champion to a Rookie. Made me ask why? Having the benefit of the doubt of Pacman's previous planking issue, Judge issue on the wheel chaired winning boxer as well as Marquez. Nor Weatherman's weak opponent dropped off latest fights. For records is just records. And you became great fighter when you defeat great fighters as well. You don't earn public respect if you've beaten infamous or weak opponent just for records. As far as business is concern boxing is not dead.

Where is Don King? I miss those heavyweight actions. Over decade of watching the main event. I suggest Manny to bring the Figth to the Arena or Araneta like what they did before in Thrilla in Manila. We always looking for entertainment that would excites. For next i think Pacman-Marquez is the real tandem deal or if we set aside the business issue of Pacman-Floyd. We want something close figth, not business. So if your a true blooded boxing fan lets do this for honor and not for money.

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