Saturday, November 30, 2013

“Why I Want a Cyberya Minigosyo”

If you would recall  the success of Payphone in every busiest street in the world. It was was pretty much successful for people who needs to do business or call their love ones immediately. So same with our internet needs, by dropping a piso penny you haver internet on the go. So every Juan or Maria can afford to enjoy the coolest prepaid internet mobility. 

Make me conclude “Why I Want a Cyberya Minigosyo” its a prepaid internet station via PLDT internet connection. Suitable in any places, even most of the people got smartphones, tablet or laptop nothing beat the performance of a PC for office or social media usage. Because in some area you don't have internet or poor internet connection. So people must always ready to face this challenge as the work, travel or doing business in different places. So its a must like payphone does in every busiest street. This is the trend!

As technology goes by eCommerce done easy and travel is much more easier Cyberya is much more fit in our demanding techy lifestyle. This technology understands the need of mass people and small start up business. So its avalible in the market at a very affordable start up business ventures.  The complete package comes up with up to 2mbps broadband connection, PC and PLDT Cyberya team comes to deliver at your home or office doorsteps nationwide.