Saturday, December 21, 2013

2013 Minirok Champion Tai Zulberti

I first race with this kid last 2008 at West Service Road Mini Bridge 300 GP, Then race again at Makati Bloggers Blaze GP 2011 then race with him again this Year at Starnall Star Karting Alabang GP. One thing I saw is, that he goes race faster and faster as yeas goes by. He makes corner apex turns faster and smoother. Tai Zulberti is the 2013 Minirok Champion in the National Series his Second title. Congrats to the City Kart Racing Team "Cadet Karter of the Year". 

As well as our passionate Coaches/Race Directors Jean-Marc Freihuber and Sharon Pagulayan. For constant race safety reminders and many cool mini races past years. As we saw kid like Kimi, Vettel and Alonso grassroots. I never imagine when I hanged out with Team Ferrari Paddock F1 Club at Yas Marina last month. Before Final Race, Pitstop Garage and Ferrari World Tour. 

We got a quiz fun question? When does Alonso started racing? Guess what the Answer is 3 years old. Imagine how that young. Then my fellow MScape delegate buddy from Iraq won FA Steering wheel. While team Philippines bring home Massa and Alonso Helmet. Anyways, speaking of team Scuderia young talent. Goodluck, hope you and bring the Philippine flag up high. In the fast lane, like Michelle (Mazda) and Marlon (Lotus) did. Congrats Tai & Jean!

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