Thursday, December 19, 2013

Much Love City - Smart Cities and Sustainable Development

If you would answer what does it takes to be a Much Love City or place? For me the answer is things that would make make most people happy. So speaking of happiness In my living ambitious dream's name it! Monaco, Abu Dhabi, Los Angeles, Paris, Bali, Tokyo, Geneva, Miami, Marbella, Istanbul, Dubai, London, Manila, Kowloon, New York, Maranello, Sydney so many cities or place to mention but a few to remember. 

How can cities contribute to the advancement of sustainable development and address issues including water, energy and waste?” Well, its good to live in the place which you can feel secure. From water, energy and waste management system. On the cities above you may see and realize why the tallest tower is in that place. The grandest hotel, finest recreation park, Hollywood scene or greatest structure even been build. Simply because of that great quality which satisfy above the basic need of man which is food clothing and shelter. 

Secured the finest water, energy and waste system so people would desire. Lets say build it, those finest creation so everybody would desire to come. Even me, people would like to experience something different. Above regular living cycle, what i mean is a better quality of life. So people would think safe water to drink. Nice place to grow a farm or raise animals. Even small garden at home/office. And effective ornamental plants to produce oxygen, beauty for family's good health.

Energy which is sustainable to empower the city which is safe from threat or any form of danger. So we got solar, wind, etc to mention.  CCTV, scanners, clean water for agriculture, detectors or even most advance technology to neutralize rain and warned people in advance in case great winds or sea tides would come. Even counter measure to destroy it even all forms of enemy that may harm its people. Science is constantly evolve for us to achieve better, safer and more meaningful quality of living.

That is what the city I really love to live. Name it! fast super-cars, great foods, clean city, super sky scrapers, wonderful tunnel undergrounds, advance business offices, secured place, nice views, awesome parks, malls, hotels or houses.  So we decide what to do to pattern the lifestyle, dream , responsibility of the cities i mention above. But to honor the people as well that contribute to make that city a great place to live and travel with.  

Dreamers post for Masdar’s 2014 Engage Blogging ContestSmart Cities and Sustainable Development.

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