Monday, January 20, 2014

2015 Hyundai Geneses in Detroit Auto Show 2014

I recieved an Invite last January about the Launching of 2015 Hyundai Geneses Detroit Auto Show 2014. Over 5000 journalist around the world from various countries joined this event. Also they give contest for you the see the grammy awards live with luxurious package for free. Just go online or twitter because they wanna know how cool Genesis is. 

In NBA Pistons hometown this Genesis engineering 2.0 dynamic model fanbase around the globe. How it was accent in long hood over proportion power engines. Its sheer and sleek looks sharpened the drivers attention confidence. As impressive as it does standard for world class brand. That can compete head to head with lots of luxurious sedans. Much better in braking system and optimize steering to deliver precision.

Most of the great Shows on Earth not no mention Tokyo, Geneva and Monaco. It seems like last year I was playing the virtual simulation as detective in US using its Hyundai Chaser Model. Pretty much car with lots of advance features. As in wannabee advance detective like me. See the video here of the much awaited Genesis not to mention the awesomeness of Veloster video contest via Eyeka couple of years ago. 

According to its executives, Inspite of the global competition they achieve record volume sales in US and abroad. They open to change, progess and no place of coplacency. Wow i think this is a culted mac or culted Hyundai rally of speech. Great product and ownership of great brand. I cant wait to test 2015 model as this executive promissed in Michigan launched.

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