Friday, January 31, 2014

Testing Honda Zoomer X onThanks Day 2014

It seems like just yesterday we test drive those various Honda Motorcycles & Hybrids Cars. But the excitement as you start the easy rider Zoomer X champions engine the right way. 26 January 2014 as Honda expands its share on scooter category. Zommer X motorbikes combines the future economic, trendy and steady model. 

The stylish octagon headlight feels like I'm driving Captain Americas easy rider scooter version. As motorcycles evolve the driving experience for past years by got more easier, efficient and better. With an inverted upside-down shock absorber's for optimal cornering or zoom zoom stability. 

Easy to use even teenage can as easy as riding a bicycle. As designed for every family member comes with Nitric Orange & Textiles Black Metallic. Even on our meeting last week with Sepang Circuit CEO he was amazed how Filipinos are fascinated about motorcycles. With bigger supporter population or support group in Moto GP compare to F1 in the case of Sepang, Malaysia. 

I agree because last month SM MOA, Music Hall was filled up with like in the movie 300 chanting noisy Honda riders die hard various clubsupport group. As Honda Philippines celebrate its Thanks Day for the whole Family. They give Awards and Cash to the winners per category imagine that 50-60 km per liter fuel economy consumption. Not to mention the Manila-Baguio motorcycle The Great Northern Tour

"We're happy to launch the Honda Zoomer X during 'Thanks Day' because of this day's significance to Honda, and we would like to thank our motorcycle-riding public for choosing Honda as an important part of their daily lives. 

The Zoomer X will definitely be a game-changer in the scooter category and we're glad that we are at the forefront in this motorcycle revolution, as we have always been for the past 40 years," explains Lemuel Buenaflor, HPI Advertising Supervisor. Like to test drive or know more about Honda Zoomer X? visit

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