Sunday, March 23, 2014

OneFC Fernandes Vs Ueda in Manila 2014

Do I look like the younger Don King or Arum promoting biggest exciting event in the world? In presence of greatness. Im beside one of the great warrior ONE FC 6 Time Bantamweight Brazilian World Champion Bibiano "The Flash" Fernandes. To remember the Thrilla in Manila decades ago or Pacman fighting Nation. Are you ready to see the Main Event in May 2, 2014 is SM MOA Arena? 

Lets say im the ring announcer Michael Buffer or Jimmy Lennon Jr. Are you ready on hot seat? And the main event of the evening is here Now in Happening in the Philippines! Hello World! Ladies and Gentlemen. Are you ready to rumble. In the Blue corner he Defending Champion weighing 61 kgs,  170cm tall, record of 15 wins 3 - 0......6th Time World Champion give it up to Fernandes. 

In the Red Corner the World No2 contender weighing 61 kgs, 173cm tall record of 18wins 2-2  who defeated world champion Jens Pulver & Filipino Stryker Kevin Belington. The combat wrestler from Tokyo give it up to Masakatsu Ueda. 

We got Filipino fighter Toquero Muay Thai National Team will fight to Malaysian wrestler Subba who got rigid training in US, before the main event. One FC CEO Victor Cui narrated the life's of various fighter. I saw a doctor and lawyer join this event before and win the match. 

Some are about to become a father before the fight. While the winning fighter give its prize to the loser because he found out he lost his home after the match. Got burned by supporters in Thailand. So the Rise of Heroes is just part of the game?

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