Thursday, December 4, 2014

Total Excellium at Bumper to Bumper X Car Show SM MOA

Total fuel does not only provide great engine performance but its also supports car shows. And lots of motoring and f1 race championship. Last weekend at SM MOA concert grounds were exciting as par as car show is concerned. Among great fuel company rivals and finest car prestige partnership in the world racing arena. 

I witnessed live how it It manage to win Team Podium even produce 4 time f1 world champion. The theme of Total booth last weekends Bumper to Bumper X car show. Was Total Excellium the fuel for Maximum Engine protection. Accompanied by more than 400 cars participants for various car tuning/design contest categories.

Im sure your fast and furious energy and 007 classic toys will unleashed. While roaming around I saw a customized jeepney to top elite like Alfa Romeo with some super car, muscle or vintage beattle car competes with each other. For a certain award as well as the reflection of such owner's personality-creativity. Some put some beers, multimedia, bike or even toys on each cars. 

Other modify the engines and doors. Its up to you but still after the awarding its not about the price tag but how you create.. you design.. your car wins regardless of year it was built. So its more than just a car show so DJ, Fashion, Sounds and MMA don't stop the thrill. So you like to visit the next shows? Or even be part of the car beauty queens on next car competitions?    

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