Sunday, February 15, 2015

Small Business Solution - Mustard Seed System Corporation

As your business grow, you need an integrated customize business solution.  With quality business value you can see. To make your people more productive. Business bigger, faster, efficient with more money in the bank. Being practical in today tough business world. Where everybody wants to save, earn and became more efficient. I think that's a good business system solution.
After 15 years, Mustard Seed System Corporation install approximately 6000 corporations today.  Mostly Accounting, Outsourcing and POS software. They helped boost the SME campaign here in the Philippines. By installing 14000 and growing payroll software to date.  Working with world giant companies like Xerox, Microsoft, Netsuite, SAP, Dell, HP and Tata Communications.   
Mustard Seed wants to help SME to be more competitive in the global arena. They will be part of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). Its product will be open to ASEAN products and services. Which means more competition for SME's for various countries. Visit for more info.

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