Sunday, February 22, 2015

Crossfit Training with Battle Brew

Last Valentines at Il Terrazo, Quezon City.  We took a Crossfit Battle Brew Challenge. the main focus of the activity if to promote overall fitness. As we know crossfit training is totally different from a gym workout or any sports discipline training. I saw Lebron and Statham do this on hardcore type workout indoor and outdoor.

So here's the team of 5 challenge workout. The fastest time wins. It was fun to do the activity. You can feel that all your body sweat as the same time burn. Aside from a good lecture from the pros.

In all of the teams including mine we do 3 Rounds of the ff.
30 Burpees
30 DB One Arm Shoulder to Overheads (15#)
30 Medball Box Step Overs (14#, 20” box)
100m Suitcase carry (16 kg, 5 laps from whiteboard to cage and back)

I got a chance to taste the Battle Brew coffee. You may wondering what Battle Brew anyway? Its the newest weight management that help you burn fat, boost focus to improve health condition. The coffee MCT or medium-chain triglycerides oil is derived from coconut. 

A type of fat that can be easily saturated by the body. So it can provide you instant energy. For detailed technical info on MCT visit on facebook fan page as well as Crossfit Insurrecto for training more info.

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