Saturday, April 25, 2015

Summer at 11th MIAS 2015

The Manila International Auto Show on its 11th year anniversary this summer. Attracts 100 of thousands participants to witness more than 500 cars, 90 bikes, 30 brands and 139 exhibitors. What makes this show unique is competition between brands and company. I think no brand would ever accept that they are not the coolest in the planet. 

Without this trick-awesomeness we can just simply visit the local dealership. I wish they could do this beside race track final international race. So its a total car show with ultimate race satisfaction. Im sure Paul and Enzo would be happy about this race wars.
So they made the unusual gimmicks aside from great car creations. Although some of it were done in some foreign auto show. Like the Mazda Fashion Show Catwalk, Off Road Drive, Motorsports Award, Russ Swift Drift Show, Red Rock F1 Travel,  BPI Auto loans, Car Costume. 

Atoy Custom Salamander Amphibious, Hybrids evolution, Concept cars, Various Category Custom Car Competition, Test Drives, Mini Britain Lifestyle, BMW History and a lot more. 

I dropped by with old F1 trip buddy in Dubai Justin to try his GT Radial Racing Competition. And Asian palm challenge Singapore buddy Kevin now of Tata Commercial Motors to try his Ice Cream on van. But the models models makes those rides more exciting to explore. 

So lets sing with Calvin, when I meet you in the summer to my heartbeat sound..We fell in love as the leaves turned brown. So see you in Fast 8 and next summer show..

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