Sunday, May 3, 2015

Microsoft, Azure and Globelabs IoT Hacks 2015 Winners

Internet of Things (IoT) promise to innovate our future. The 2015 Hackaton at Microsoft Philippines HQ last month were quite promising. In which various competitor show their wildest imagination when it comes to techno innovation. 

They show a  multiple problem and challenges with current technology. Like instance the parking system on how it can be enhanced. To save energy and time. Alarm system for vehicles to achieve zero percent car theft rate. Or another tech world for the blind, gas business industry and elderly care system.

The panels were asking a lot of exciting questions. In which team of inventors defend its creation like a college thesis panel defense. Both on the side of user or beneficiaries and business usage. Microsoft, Globe Labs, Red Wizard and Azure were behind these campaign of bridging the technology with the help of the internet.  
IoT is more than just a smart phone and devices.  In some offices, home even mobile devices. Smart TVs and Chrome Cast enabled people to transmit data from internet. Wifi printer, mobile PowerPoint presentation control are the examples. See the hastags for more tech updates #AmazingMicrosoft #iothacks #globelabs #jumpsparc #redwizards 

So here's the 8 Teams that participated in the last tech competition. 
1. Poltergeist - Immersive Living Room Experience
2. Enotify - Emergency Notification Service, the push button will trigger emergency using Azure push SMS services to certain recipient. 
3.  Kamote Fan - A temperature controlled fan to solve PC problem. 
4. - Real time parking monitoring system, now car owners can use analytics and data mining for parking history.  
5. Home Care Devices Inc - A smart device use for elderly care monitoring and alarm system used if we were at school or work.
6. 3rd Party - a cloud based monitoring device to detect pilferage in the oil or liquid industry. Vibrations were used to monitor potential fraud or unusual activity most beneficial for gas station owners. 
7. Vehicle Mobile App System - Much more of car alarm system but what makes it special is that it connects to your mobile device. In while it would show via GPS the location of your car. Even shot down the auto power when thieves trying to attempt to steal your car.
8. Project Jericho - Cane for the Blind were enhanced via voice of guided control. That can monitor where the blind go even inform them by internet what are the nearest malls, interest, shops, establishments or spot with in the area. Creating another world beauty for them in which they can only see eyes off.

So the winners are 
3rd Place Project 3rd Party
2nd Place Home Care Devices
Winner is Project Jericho

Special Award
Judges Favorite - Kamote Fan 
Azure Mobile Services Award - Project Jericho

Tina Malone - US Embassy
John San Pedro - Incubix Tech
Benjie Tan - Globe
Mathew Cua - Awesome Lab
Jorge Azurin -

They create another technology within the technology. Mostly beneficial in today's tech world. But that was just a stepping stones to automation. That will lead into another sub specialize category. Maybe an open version that will lead to 2.0, 3.0 or next level. To all participants great job for a project well done. A good tech avenue or maybe your gateway to silicon valley.

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