Sunday, June 14, 2015

Travelling with Nissan NV350 Urvan

Travelling from point A to point B is our daily activity. Either we do it for work, business or personal. It requires more than a utility vehicle like Van. Which became a hit to the public, since 1973. It undergone 5 iterations on Nissan Urvan made its presence to both family and transport sector. 

At Marriot Hotel Manila last week, Nissan show us the 3 testimonials in Tagalog about happy-satisfies customer. 2 are men (from business transport group - the other is a grandpa family person) and 1 is lady a PUV driver/owner and business person PUV.  They are totally convince to the goodness on previous Nissan Urban model. The other guy plans to buy his 3rd Nissan Van new model. Wow that's brand loyalty for past years.

Shuttle operators preferred the Urvan for its proven reliability, passenger comfort and strong air-conditioning system, flexible loading and seating capacity for both cargo and passenger,” said Antonio Zara - President Nissan Philippines.

And now they introduce the New Nissan NV350 Urvan. Designed to meet the needs of the family, shuttle operators as well as family users. The 5th generation NV350 sports Urvan sports overhaul to its design key features. Making the vehicle a strong contender to the commercial van category.

The powerful 2.5L engine platform is the same used for NP Navara pickup truck. Meaning to say you can rely on this strong engine when your making heavy cargo, uphill climb ad Family Trip to CamSur, Laguna or Tagaytay. No more switching of aircon on mountain passes or overtake slow moving trucks with the speed power now of your fingertips.
Technology applied to NV350 can expect more fuel efficiency. A shift indicator on dashboard gives visual to driver cues when to shift. Therefore it maximize the fuel to face unpredictable gas fluctuations even traffic conditions. It makes the whole family to explore long distance province in the country such as Sagada or Ilocos. So its more fun travelling in the Philippines? 

I wish could make an adventure with this Van from Luzon-Visayas and Mindanao sometime. Speaking of Riding comfort  and safety the people who ride the 18 or 20 seater van become passe by the improved aircon for riding comfort. Even rear cabin can enjoy Nissan cool vents mounted on 12 points.

Inside the smart cockpit passengers will experience the freedom of its legs and feet. Looking at the dashboard multifaceted display will show all the driving stats at glance. The shift selector move on to instrument panel for drivers easy reach maneuver. Steer wheel movable range for tilt, while driving seats comfort to adjust slide distance for optimum driving comfort.  

Speaking of safety the front and sides are protected via zone impact zones. in cases of collision the energy is absorbed and dissipated to lessen the impact effects on the passengers. Aside from airbags and seat-belts. I also asked one of its panel about the fear of buying of van that has quite have flat head. 

Or I mean the engine must be in front to protect the feet-leg-driver from impact.  He explains that its safe because if your were on same distance then you brake you still have space compare to the one with engines on its head.

Fresh design - NV350 sports clean look in modern form. With shorten overhang with aerodynamic side view with the removal of side roof drip channel. Includes angled strut front grill with angled halogen lights. Squared emphasizes roomy impression, flush side windows and 15" wheel covers.

Worry free ownership - Call 407 6593 Nissan Customer Assistance Center (NCAC) NV350 owner well enjoy wide array of services and privileges nationwide. For those who will use it as a PUV they will get 3 years additional manufacturer's warranty with no additional cost.  

Zara said its their first time in the Philippines to provide warranty coverage for UV purposes. This will be Available tommoros June 15, 2015 with the pricing SRP of 1.183m for 15 seater, 1.196m for 18 seater and 1.177m for 3 seater cargo like the ambulance.

Urvan comes with Brilliant Silver and Alphine White. Special colors like Black Obsidian, Tiger Eye Brown and Predision Grey. Can also be arranged for 3 delivery in 3 mos time. So if you think about Urvan model past years, Think of the King of Van just arrived.

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