Sunday, June 14, 2015

Yamaha International Motor Show 2015 - Revs your Heart

All lined up Yamaha International Motor Show 2015 - Revs your Heart at SM MOA this June 4-8, 2015. I was amazed with the Moto show creativity. From classic music, dance to acrobat. With surprise gift to anyone last weekend was lot of fun.  Not to mention the test drive, beauty of its curves, excitement of its engine features. And the whole structure itself, not to mention the overall performance stunts in MotoGP and Hollywood Action Movies. 

It showcases various Yahama finest collection from easy scooter to 990cc motorsport big bike engine. Not to mention the Powerboat and Motor Generation on display. Couple of months ago, Yamaha launches Tricity the Euro Type of 3 wheel scooter. It is one of the best Yamaha's creation this year opened for Philippine riding to experience. 
Brand slogan Revs your Heart is really living with its word. The company motto and passion for innovation to enrich the lives of its customer. They aim to create vibrant lifestyle to various Yamaha user. Rev means Revving the engine associated to make the body or system work properly. To raise (or better) the quality of life.

Revs your Heart is a strong statement to improve greater heights of each life. To represent deeper sensation that last as well passion that endures. Together with Yamaha lets celebrate beauty of its work and the joy that it gives to various riders.

They have registration on counter big screen touchscreen TV to input visitors info. As well as contest on social media like instagram or facebook for best picture see hastags #YMPHmotorshow2015 But what matter is the level of desire to test those various models on display after I roamed around the exclusive show.  

The Yamaha Motor Show event at Atrium was opened lead by Yamaha executives, talents, media, dealers, partners, models, local celebrities and various enthusiast. Such as Mr Ryan Jude Camus - YMPH Manager, Mr. Toro Osugi  - President, Mr. Kaoru Ogura - Director, Mr. Yukio Fukada - Logistics. Visit for more info.

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