Sunday, August 23, 2015

Bundesliga 2015/2016 Season on Foxsport

Its been last year since I saw world cup live in Rio. Where Messi scored while Ronaldo, Rooney team easily got eliminated and Team Germany made Team Brazil Cry on its homeland. For sure in every aspects German people feel high morale for securing the World Cup Glory. 

Fox Sports will have a comprehensive coverage to the Bundesliga 2015/2016 Season a German Football league. The channel signed a 5 year deal with Deutsche Liga to be broadcast in Asia and of course our country the Philippines.  

All I can say is that this is the loudest sport I've ever encounter. Heavily Guarded by tanks, chopper, planes, military-police to neutralize die hard fanatics.  Those people from Europe and Americas take this sport seriously to the extent that they would cry if its team lost.  

They would chant crazy on street, you may hear the noise even you are several kilometers away. Loudest cheer, scream, chant over f1 sounds or any scream you would see in Boxing or Basketball live from fans.

The attendance per game is roughly 45000 per match.  Features 18 clubs and play away with 17 other twice with a total of 306 matches all season. I asked one of its organizer last week at Vyne a local sportsbar in BGC. What is the level of superiority between Champions League, Barca or other EU premiere league?
He replied the popularity but skill level is much the same.  Back in 1903 went to VfB Leizpig but the current champions were the FC Bayern Munchen holds 25 titles including the 2014/15 season. 

Also its official National Team to the World Cup in Brazil. Which they secured the winning easily but closely to Argentina in Finals. It affects the entire Europe mostly the morale of German even in business talk. 

Last Aug 15, 2015 Fox Sports Philippines started its live coverage. And will be providing 5-6 live matches per week. Seen on Skycable Channel 31, Cignal Ch48, Destiny Ch31, Dream Satellite Ch38, Gsat Ch126, Cable link Ch156 and more the 150 cable operators. 

Follow them at twitter @FOXSports_PH #Bundesliga ...So, more beer and German sausage while we face the football fever excitement? Cheers! 

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