Sunday, August 23, 2015

TackThis! Online Store Creator to help more Filipino SME's

Business listing evolves as technology imagine we play that Atari or Joystick before. Or even browse a phone book yellow pages in search for business listing. Now their in online yellow pages like Sulit, Ayosdito, OLX and other friendly easy business listing apps. 

Same with store from simple and plain to great. I started selling stuff before at multiply, ebay then comes a lot of more easy platform. Much more easier integrated to social media like facebook. Last week at Marriott Manila was one of the coolest event happened in online shopping history. 

Voyager, Smart and PLDT launch it  Online store creator called TackThis! to help Filipino business to go digital. eCommerce business and online shopping is in nowadays. To address this demand SME nation launched its concierge service for store online creator TackThis!  

To over thousands of partner businesses so they can quickly build digital commerce footprint. It enables business to set up their online shop in just minutes. They can "tack" their store on facebook. And other sites to facilitate point of order, inventory and payment fulfillment.  
The premiere concierge enable larger retailers wide arrays of solution from PLDT Alpha and SME Nation. Its advance feature provides hassle free store creation, professional service, models, social media integration, ads, management of logistics and payments as well as customer service support by Tack This team.

Also includes store marketing via placement on Takatack its sister company, online stores, retailers, SME's and other rocket online shops like Zalora and Lazada.

Tackthis! has over 30 000 merchants in Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines with 400 premium plus in counting. BMI research last July shows that 82% of all internet user around 22 million Pinoy shop online. Retail sales account of 207 billion in USD. but only 0.6% accounts for online retail.
2014 Ken research study on eCommerce expect 101% growth rate from 2013 to 2018 due to heavy internet usage and mobile penetration. Out of 1 million registered business in the country. 

Only 1% has a website so in the past some company would hire large digital team to establish online footprint. Tack This! aims to help business tap into this huge opportunity to reach more Pinoy going and shopping online. 

Visit and Your partner for you to have more time on your business, better cost efficiency, savings, revenue, reach and trusted sales support. 

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