Sunday, October 25, 2015

Pacman, Transformer and Playgirls @ Skylight Auto Hub Grand Launch

The presence of Boxing Icon Pacman impostor deliver its civic-imperial SONA plan. And sporty funny sour-graping defeat humor over TMT under vernacular whimsical native Pinoy tongue. 

While the action packed transformer autobot principal mascot Optimus Prime. Roamed, selfie and waved around which brings smile to every family oriented spectator presence. 

And sekse controversial playgirls entertain (for adults only) the crowed with a twerk it like Miley remix trans. Gonna be careful coz too much allure might cause career traffic rise and fall right Mr Statesman Wannabe?  
Together with various car clubs (more photos on facebook fanpage) like Fortuner, Forester, Ecosport, Top4 Ranger, Vios 3rd Gen, Elantra, Civic and Samahan ng Innova. 

Made the Skylight Auto Hub launch last Oct 3, 2015 stunning. With its various club showmanship of its own unique style of performance auto lamps. A good bonding moments to clubs who shared-support same interest.

The event that corresponds to understand alpha men's aficionado allied. You know what, a certain macho would kindred events combo like these boxing, tech, robot, bond cognate ladies and a total dress up fashion enhancement to its automobile.
Fireworks and Wine-toast cheers to for the Bright Lights on every roads! Hail to Skylight Auto Hub Grand Launch organized by PMCM, to the value added style for road safety enhancement performance glamour glitz to every vehicle.

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