Sunday, March 20, 2016

Free Clear Menthol Shampoo and Salon Services GC at Bruno’s Barbers

After my cool sport clear shampoo, suave shave and haircut at Bruno's last week. Im going to share to you same experience. Im giving away 2 bottles of Clear Cool Menthol Sport Shampoo. And 1000 pesos worth of GC at Brunos Barber's shop you may use any branch grooming location. So here's the easy deal. 

You may choose your style as classic, urban, sporty or casual. But for me this is my semi bald action star tech motor sport clear dandruff proof xXx style. You may consider me as villain or main character in fast and furious franchise. Haha!
1. Like Clear and Bruno's Barber of Facebook. 

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3. Post this blog link or any of the clear pics on clear fanpage with hashtags #DandruffproofYourStyle #JaysonBxClearxBrunos 

Ex: "I want clear Sport Style #DandruffproofYourStyle #JaysonBxClearxBrunos @jbiadog @CLEARph …

So easy right? You may do post your entry on facebook, twitter or instagram.
I will announce the winner on the first week of April 2016. You may see also contest and couple of bloggers like Joseph to increase your winning odds.
After a meeting with Clear ambassadors, bloggers and style elitistas at a posh Your Local restaurant in Legaspi Village. We drove to one of the nearest Brunos branch in Makati. So we can talk about kwentong barbero hair care and grooming. So I order an iron man, mayweather, grant hill or kanye west shave plus haircut with Nelson. 

After he washed me with clear it feel im in paradise cool on scalp. While having said that I saw George Clooney or Batman writings on wall "First, I'm going to start dyeing my eyebrows, just to see how it works. And then I'll go to the hair. Start slowly." So feeling Hollywood Up in the Air  Batman din ako? After clear wash and haircut. 

So enough with the kwentong barbero, Next I got a score of 8 on scalp protection after a scalp scan. After the two lady in space clear suit examine my scalp.   

 Dandruff-Proof Your Style with CLEAR and Bruno’s Barbers

Today’s modern man is aware, more than ever, that his hair and his overall style could greatly affect his A-game. Whether it be in school, work, sports, or anything else in between, he knows it’s important to feel good from head to toe.  Yet, some of the things that affect his confidence are dandruff and a horrible haircut.

That’s why, CLEAR #1 Men’s Anti-dandruff shampoo partnered with Bruno’s Barbers, the leading Barbershop in the country, to give men the perfect cut they prefer and at the same time make them dandruff-proof with the launch of CLEARDANDRUFF-PROOF STYLES by Bruno’s Barbers.  

CLEAR and Bruno’s Barbers co-created 4 DANDRUFF-PROOF STYLES to cater to the 4 different types of men: The Classic style for the dashing debonair, the Casual style for the cool kid on the block, the Sporty style for the relentless athlete, and the Urban style for the trendy man on top. It also introduced a 3-step regimen to make men dandruff-proof: 

(1) Wash with CLEAR shampoo (2) Take a hair CUT in Bruno’s Barbers (3) STYLE. In the end, CLEAR ensures every man that whatever hairstyle they choose,CLEAR can keep it Dandruff-Proof.

“At CLEAR, we believe that a man’s hair is the most important element of his look and we need to make sure it’s dandruff-proof and perfectly cut to suit his style.” Said CLEAR Shampoo Brand Manager Bea Joson.

Starting March 14, 2016, men can avail of any of the CLEARDANDRUFF-PROOF STYLES by Bruno’s Barbers at selected Bruno’s branches in the country. Customers can also get their hair washed with CLEAR Men shampoo, and even get their scalps scanned to check their Dandruff-Proof scores.

“As we want to give every Filipino a Dandruff-proof style, we have decided to be present where men get their cut – the barbershop. With CLEAR’s scalp expertise and Bruno’s trusted grooming services, every Filipino will get the full Dandruff-Proof Style experience that they deserve.” said Joson.

“We are equally as excited with this partnership. My family created Bruno’s Barbers to provide men the perfect cut and style they’ve always wanted to look their best.” With this goal in mind, there’s just no better partner to have but CLEAR,” added Bruno’s Barber President Marco Pascual.

As the country’s #1 Men’s Anti-dandruff Shampoo, CLEAR’s mission is to make every man’s style dandruff-proof so they have nothing to hide. (Clear Press)
CLEAR Dandruff-Proof Style by Bruno’s Barbers are available in the ff. branches:

Cebu (Ayala Center)
Greenbelt 1
Glorietta 3
CDO (Centrio Mall)
Salcedo Village
Robinsons Magnolia
Alabang Town Center
Legaspi Village
Mall of Asia
Shangri-La Plaza Mall
Robinsons Galleria
Marquee Mall


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