Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Michelin Innovation - Shell Eco-Marathon Asia 2016

Last March 3-6, 2016 was the 3rd year of SEMA in the Philippines. See inside Shell Eco-marathon Asia last year Beside Manila Hotel at Roxas Blvd, Manila. Michelin drives again the search of new technologies for road safety and mobility. The tire brand focus on road safety like the Primacy SUV. Which is 2.2 meters shorter braking distance on wet roads and 6% improve grip. As well mobility on race tracks even ordinary road condition. 

In 2014 the keyword for Michelin at SEMA was a total performance to be safe, energy efficient and long lasting.  2015 SEMA draws 127 student team from 20 countries in South East Asia and the middle East. Winners of different Shell ecomarathon will join 1st world championship series in London. You may see lots of exhibits and technology booth inside. Several days learning activities that whole family can enjoy.
The said international competition challenges student from various part of the world. To create economical, environment friendly and dependable prototype vehicles. That promote sustainable solutions also to provide technical assistance to participating teams throughout the competition. The improvised innovative vehicle made by the students with the longest fuel consumption wins. 

“Innovation is Michelin’s key strategy and driving factor for the search of new technologies, leading to ideas, products, or methods that improve road safety and mobility for all motorists, passengers and pedestrians. Michelin’s alliance with Shell furthers this search by seeking out the ideas of students in the Shell Eco-Marathon.", said Damien Hallez-Gozzard, 
Michelin Group Technical Communication Director. "Shell and Michelin have partnered anew in the Shell Eco Marathon Asia because we share the same values to put innovation at the heart of developing better mobility. 

Michelin wants to demonstrate our innovation in sustainable mobility by providing ultimate energy efficient tires to students. We also want to share our technological expertise by giving advice about car suspension," said Michael Nunag, Chief Representative of Michelin Philippines.
Ruedee Euachongprasit, Communication & Brands Director, Michelin East Asia and Oceania Wataru Morimoto, PCLT Research Development, Michelin Japan Damien Hallez-Gozzard, Michelin Group Technical Communication Director; Bibendum, The Michelin Man.

Gil Goncalves, Michelin Group Advanced Research Development, Hiroki Nakagawa, PCLT Product Development, Michelin Japan, Michael Nunag, Chief Representative,Michelin Philippines, Erlaine Castellano, Marketing Intelligence /Pricing Manager, Michelin Philippines; and Caroline del Rosario, Marketing Communications Manager, Michelin Philippines

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