Monday, April 11, 2016

10th Inside Racing Bikefest Yamaha Rev Hall

Last April 3 and 4, 2016 at World Trade Center Pasay City. I roamed around the Yamaha brand marvelous metal creation. The motorcycle evolution that patterns the needs of the riders next generation. Karen Bordador and Rico Robles introduce Yamaha's Mio (Soul 125, MXi) R Series (R15, R3, R1), Big Bikes(MT-09, Tenere, Bolt), Max (NMax TMax), Street (SZ, FZi) and Leaning Multi Wheel (Tricity). 

Also first time display of MT-07 versatile bike with a powerful torque. What impress me is the Yamaha Jet-ski, Guitar Music Sound System and the YXZ1000r a sport blue 4 wheeler that conquers different terrains. I great robotic gear that will revs your heart. Wondering when could I test these to mountains and seas sometime. For extreme riding crossover adventure engine techmotorsport fantasy.  As they raise the bar of making finest machine creation. 

Made me realize, that Yamaha Philippines a great package leading brand. Not only have the ability to bring the world champion to the country. Support various category motorcycle racing teams. But also let those fine artist performed like Bamboo and Avonlea (harpist) before. But during the 10th IR bike-fest Yuki Shimada performed the Yamaha Piano instrumentals on its opening. To entertain us and it was indeed  one of the best musical performance on earth.  

On day 2 Yamaha introduced the winners of the National Technician Grand Prix. Participants are all mechanics of 3s Yamaha Shops. 1st is Ramel Realin of 3s UEMI Urdaneta he will represent the country this coming World Technician Grand Prix. While Conrado Bucar of Mandaue on 2nd and Arpee Orbina of 3s Rosario Superbikes on 3rd place. 

Team Mio soul were awarded as the most attendees of the said 2 day event. With more than 200 participants. They were given a gift, a signed shirt by world MotoGP legend Valentino Rossi. As I roamed around Bikefest on day 2. I noticed that there's a lot of riders falling in line up to PTTC since day 1. Also got a chance do racing simulation in IR booth. And moto wild wild west 360 dirt bike reverse selfies on other oil booth.

As closing time I say wave goodbye to those big bike riders. Some of the display were owned by a senator rider. As they depart one by one during bikefest closing time. The smoke and engine big bike noise were like music to my ears. As we smelled the racing smoke gas. When they disengage to wooden pallets stand as big boyz matchbox. This is one of the biggest motor event in the country. Another milestone Revving hearts at its finest.

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