Monday, August 29, 2016

Acer DLP Projectors

Time to switch for today's on demand digital display. From a simple overhead projector that uses light bulb to display bigger images for audience. To a high tech remote controlled digital projectors that connected to notebooks and computers for better entertainment and presentation. 

Imagine that great presentation in keyboards. Almost everyday we use projector in office. And if affects how fast the learning is when it comes to picture quality. In some low quality projectors used I used reading glasses to see it 5 meters and beyond but some high quality projectors made my reading glass outcast and no use. I'd prefer not to use reading glass or contact lens at all.

Anyway, Last week at SM North Skydome, Acer Philippines launched top quality projectors with ES12 and X117H models. The used of DLP technology with high performing heavy duty chips were efficient and long lasting. That uses digital Micromirror Device Chip (DMD) for better quality image output.

Faith Ko of Acer Philippines said that DLP Projector Technology is different because of its (DMD) or the Digital Micromirror Device Chip. That projects thousand mirrors of compose a high-definition crystal clear great images. Other tehnology make use of LCD panels to produce a colored images.  

DMD chips are sealed and wont accumulate dust so it prevent color decay. Which resulted to long a lasting Total cost of ownership. Acer ES-12 is the prime model of DLP projector with 800 x 600 standard resolution that can be supported or maximized by 1920 x 1200 resolution.

DLP tech installed inside of ES-12 has 3000 lumens that can displays brighter presentations. Which maintains quality of 1.07 billion colors with a contrast ratio of 20, 000 : 1. Acer pushes further the boundary of business projectors to deliver more vividness and brightness to life.

X117H now has 3600 brightness compared to mainstream 3200 lumens. Standard screen ratio of 4:3 and a compatible of 16:9 that maintains quality image at a maximum of 11:80 meters. Its 40 degrees correction that auto adjust on vertical distortions. Results to mobility and flexible convenience. Are handy and lightweight 2.5kg that can also be installed in ceilings.   
Bring the #TrueToLife images on your next presentation or lecture with the Acer S1383WHne Projector model. It's bright and short  so you can project even when close to screen. All these products were eco friendly and eco smart. Standby consumption of power reduced by 70 to 90% when turned on. Academe uses 54% while SMB uses 21% according to Kou.

Also you may take the cinematic presentation with you using Acer K138STi All-in-One Short Throw Projector model for #TrueToLife image on the go. P6500 for a full HD experience perfect for home theater need. ES-12 SRP 18, 999 while X117 is at 22, 990 avail nationwide. Visit the site

You may trade up your old projector to a new DLP (Digital Light Processing) Projector Technology at 50% off the price. Either working or not with brightness of 2,500 lumenes & above were accepted. 

Except for portable Pico projectors or Overhead projectors. Special trade promo valid from Aug 22 - Sept 11, 2016 Metro Manila area only. 

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