Saturday, August 27, 2016

Scania Marco Polo Luxury Coach @ Transport and Logistics Show

Scania one of the leading manufacturer of trucks and buses launches Marco Polo Luxury Coach. Last week at Transport and Logistic show in SMX, they also let us go inside the bus. To see its superbly engineered exterior and quality interior. Some do the test drive outside of the popular 125 year old Swedish brand. Makes me remember of our last Latin world cup detour and middle east ferrari world f1 tour bus. 

That plays crucial role in daily commute, memorable travel that brings great teams together. Its executives told us that they are open for partnership to customize its interiors. I wish they do it like the do in NBA, NFL, Fab Tour and Champions league Team Bus with CR, Computer System and luxury items inside. I'll just need to wait to see this in Edsa, 81 Philippine Provincial tour routes or probably use by PBA or any Philippine sports teams. 

During our steak lunch at Conrad after the dragon dance of the transport & logistics show. Anyway, Scania's chassis is not only renowned for its operating economy but also legendary when it comes to safety, comfort and reliability credentials. As we witness the moment future of sustainable transport as they introduces the #NextGenScania.
Standard features includes full air suspension for comfort. Electronic braking system that enhances stability in all conditions. That eliminates unnecessary stress during emergency stop. Also traction control to improve mobility in slippery roads and bodywork instrument cluster. Aside from Marco Polo Scania launch in the Philippines. 

Im not sure if they will release double Decker bus like they did in Berlin. I think it will lessen the traffic in the metro. If they will bring those double decker on the later part. To feel the tourism mass transport benefit for both operators and mass people. So even Clarkson, dispatcher, conductors and lowry drivers would agree. Like what they do in Vegas and London.
Marie Ensdrom - Managing Director in South East Asia said that "Scania Buses & coaches are inspired by the people who travel in them and those who drive them. We were dedicated to creating vehicles that provide the best result possible, whether that's a happy passenger or profitable solutions for fleet managers".

As they know that operators face tough challenge in providing quality service at the same time maintaining low service and running cost. Since its opening last year Scania surpass its target selling more than 125 trucks in 2016 in celebration on its 125th  year founding anniversary.

We hope that our line of buses will be as well-received by the local market. Said by Leilani Tan VP of BJ Mercantile local sales and distributor of Scania. She also invites everyone to visit the showroom in QC and check out the latest Marco Polo Scania Bus. So sit back, relax and enjoy the comfort of first class tour bus. Thanks to Luigi Avancena for Truck Bus Auto-bots show invite, Good to see as well Optimus Prime at the Transport and Logistic Show.  

Visit the showroom at 
1132 Edsa Balintawak Quezon City, Philippines. 
See web 
or call 361 0088 

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