Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Share Inspiring Sports Stories

TCL, One of the most leading TV brand invites family to share its life through sports. In partnership with ESPN "Inspiring Bonding Moments" shared untold inspiring stories through sports featuring athletes from Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

I meet Simone Rota 2 Weeks ago in BGC, A Filipino born football player. Who was adopted by Italian couple when he was 6mos old. Moved to Milan with his new family and love football at 17 he received his 1st pro contract for teams in Italy and Switzerland.  
Glad to know hes a Fan of FC Barcelona superstar Iniesta. I said to him, how about the Italian controversial superstar Balotelli or Philippine Local Football Pros? He decided not to mention and we both laugh. 

I saw Messi, Neymar and Ronaldo score live before. But he never forgot where he came from so he searched for his biological parents when he was 29 and play for Philippine Azkal up to now.

In 2014 Simone reunited with Sister May of Buklod Kalinga orphanage to find his parents but they were unsuccessful. So he decided to teach football and do runs food program to orphans with Sister May. So he can inspire children new way of life and importance of simple things. 
Bark in Amsterdam and Rio I meet lots of footbal fanatics. I saw how Euro and Latin people were very serious about football. But I wonder why Rota decides to continue his career where he came from. As part of his motherland fueled up inspiration through sports.

Marketing Manager Amor Golifardo said that the web series aims to connect people though sport stories. As TCL stands for creative life that technology brings people together. So they can share the love, loss and giving back as everyone were inspired to.

So they can be like Simone aside from catching its favorite heroes. As part of 35th anniversary I saw 55" and 65" C1 curved QUHD TV display during the event. I like to watch great sporting events here like f1, boxing and sporting main world events. 

The display were cinema like ultra slim screen and shows great color. It offers online series and view of the world access. That provide integrated solution for consumers growing demand. Perfect for on demand or pay per view excitement. They are also giving 2 Toyota Wigo for every purchase from Oct 15, 2016 to Jan 15, 2017.

Leading TV brand HQ in China HK 01070, I saw also TCL partnership with lots of Hollywood movies, various foreign sports and local PBA here in the country. Congrats on your 35th anniversary and sharing the good-life advocacy to Filipinos. 

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