Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Lewy Manio Race Motorsport Teamate - Philippine Race Champ

Lewy Manio was one of the Race Motorsport Legend in the Philippines. For past decades he won several race competition in the country. Like Slalom, Ironman, Circuit Showdown, Drag Racing, Autocross and a lot of various race Motorsport categories. He owns an Auto Shop called Jwell Glass and Aluminum in Laguna. 

I meet him last couple of weeks when I referred my winning 2 pass for Sahara Force India meet, race and greet with its f1 Drivers Nico Hulkenberg and Sergio Perez in Sham Alam Malaysia. prior to Sepang 2016 F1 race. 

Last week we meet again to discuss things and plan about Motorsports. Like our plans to join international dual race like Dakar, Ironman, Rally if our pockets and sponsor resources permits. My motorsport passion ignite since 2007 red racing, broke several cars. Good thing Lewy is not just a champion racer but also a good mechanic.
He's the winner of Michelin drive together with Owen Rada also my fellow f1 enthusiast in Abu Dhabi GP. He have lots of circuits experience in Batangas Racing Circuit, Clark Race Circuit and Suzuka, Japan where he worked before. As well on Sepang Circuit where he drove several fast cars.

The reason why I joined contest a lot like to finance my racing addiction. Still hoping to have world title under my name. Also, I like to get closer to world Champion like Mika of MacLaren, Checo/Nico of Team Force India in Monza, Alonso or Massa in Yas Marina and Vettel in Marina Bay

I think we will became a good teammate as me specializing in Winning Contest, Race Marshall Organizing and Blogging. He told me I'm in lucky position as invited sometimes as a press. 

He told me f1 is for young drivers, when you reach 35 and above you retire. I even joked to him that the oldest f1 driver from Monaco was 55 years old so we still have a chance in f1. He had several race sponsors but still looking for new one to race the benchmark of racing pro career.

I told him that winning and driving at peak is totally different experience. In racing you were competing to drive as fast as you can to win like Stig or Hamilton, Alonso or Schumi. But during press or media test day its a slow driving day. 

Coz it features as well as showcases several's car new function and more of a lifestyle to the public. You know that kind of feeling when your nerve and heart was not fulfill in a slow boat. When its your time to race, its your time Good-luck to us!

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