Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Qualifying Beko Kick Your Way to Barcelona Football Manila Challenge! Sparta to Camp Nou

Couple of years back, I was dreaming of Being with the Football Sport Legends. So I tried my luck to competition. Like to witness those Fifa, Champions and Premier League speaking of worlds 1 sport when it comes to number of population and athletes involved. 

With every kick, muscle pain afterwards and sweat that drops on the sacred soccer grounds. Glad to see it says and resulted No to South Africa, Yes to Rio and Maybe or Yes again in FC Barcelona this coming Feb 10, 2017 Finals. 
Speaking of Brands I salute those brand like Castrol, Ipanema and Beko. Because aside from being the top brand when it comes to quality they also support sports. Mostly they let public experience those greatest sporting event in the planet. 

I saw Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar scored live last Fifa. As the biggest Hollywood and sports stars Lebron James, Kobe Bryant saw it live as well on the other bench of the Grandstand. While Leonardo DiCaprio brought his Hollywood stars and models squad in Kings Yacht. 

On boy I want to see him again scored live but for now not in Brazil but together with the most valuable team in the world called FC Barcelona. As Beko the leading appliances kitchen hi tech and delicious brand brings it closer to us. They understands the needs and passion of the public and sports fanatic like me.

Being a sport fantasy fanatic, I did a lot of dream team fantasy manager promoter combination. So, I made a fantasy shout out on social media. Breaking News! JB7 just declined offer from Manchester and Chelsea but signed a 1yr 300€m open ended contract deal with FC Barcelona.  

See the actual Video here of my Shaolin Soccer golden leg 3 precision goals and the other 16 futboleros and futboleras who made it to the finals performance. See you in Feb 10 in Sparta, Boni Mandaluyong City and Camp Nou in Home of the Kings and Legenday FC Barcelona! hahaha
 Mga idol how to be you po? ole ole ole ole jayson b again is back from FC Barcelona #hellobekoph #fcbarcelona #fcb #beko
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