Friday, January 27, 2017

Tech Motor Sport Best Buy Groupon Picks

I browse online and see what's best for men's stuff. Speaking of technology, motoring and sports inspired theme blog. I saw August Steiner Men's multi-function bracelet watch as one of my shopping bucket list. 

It's really looks good and affordable for as low as $39 I can now enjoy the suaveness of Swiss quartz parts in Crystal diamond and silver Ironman color. That will truly patterned and inspired my passion for sport, speed and motoring.

One of my Bucket list is to be at NFL Superbowl Finals. Next month Feb 2017 will really be an exciting match between New England Patriots Vs Atlanta Falcons. Although Im a Dallas Cowboys and Jacksonville Jaguars fan. I like to see great concert performance at NRG Stadium in Houston Texas. 

As a memorabilia, for as low as $34.99 you can feel now the support of your very own NFL team's by having a piece of NFL items like Helmet design heaters adjustable thermostat on your kitchen or office desk. In memory of those glorious football times.

I still remember the great performance of Bruno Mars, Michael Jackson and Katy Perry in past Superbowls. I remember how happy I am to see Pitbull performs in Rio, As well as JLo performs in Singapore and JayZ in Abu Dhabi. 

During my last f1 races and world cup football tour. Hope to see Justin Bieber, the Chainsmokers, Adele or  Taylor Swift here. Oh yeah!!! Livin on a Prayer Patriots inspired hype Bon Jovi!
As a Racing and f1 fan, a $75 race for 2 package will be a great weekend travel itinerary. From any race fan around the world, Imagine this luxurious 45 minute simulator hobby can be as low as 37 bucks per person. Its a great deal and discount right?

Located at Flag Slim Center in Wheeling, IL near Chicago Airport. That will lead to a true to life Rush, Born to race or Fast and Furious inspired movie. While drivers can choose the level of race, shiftier clutch or paddle. 

So many sale Items in Groupon like laptop for as low as $100, I am located in Asia but this would be a great savings for me and you as well. From sports, men stuff to travel all around gears that I can order at the convenience of my fingertips. Wherever you are in the Planet, from TMS Happy Online Shopping everyone! Sponsored Post.

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