Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Converge Fiber X Internet Expansion 25-500MBPS-No Data Cap

A lot of internet problems right now are lags and slow browse. Which people hates a lot mostly for gamers. Converge plans to expand its fiber optic network. At present they laid out more than 6,000 kms its reach and still growing that covered cities such as Valenzuela, Las Piñas and Muntinlupa. And planned to put more network in Batangas and La Union. Pure fiber technology same download and upload 25-50-100-300-500 mpbs no data cap plans.

Last week presscon at Marco Polo Ortigas, I just made a share in social media. They are pretty much excited about the fiber speed. But people were excited asking me if it can reach as far as Visayas and Mindanao. I just told them to inquire on its Website convergeict.com and Call 02 667 0848 its hotline because will explain everything.  Also see #experiencebetter for more info and videos on why they are faster and cost effective internet provider.

It's CEO explained to us why they won the bid. Like its biggest Government, Private, BPO and School Institutions clients. With 24 years of experience in the industry with on going construction projects, 1300 employees as the 3rd largest internet backbone in the country. See CEO's presentation video here why it is ideal for home, SME and Enterprise usage.

Converge Fiber X clients and partners are the ff. UP, Ateneo, DLSU, AMA, DOST, Philhealth, BIR, Sprint, Telstra, HGS, Verizon, Google, Facebook, Netflix and a lot more you you may see inside the video link. As they were pretty much happy about its result. They also have smart city initiative projects in Manila, Baguio and Clark.

Imagine 25 mbps no data cap is already extremely fast @ 1500 monthly plan. How much more for business which is 500 mpbs no data cap?  I asked one of its executives about installation in Manila because there's call before you dig. He told me that in some areas they may experience extra days on installation. But the usual installation for its different plans package were 3-7 days.
Speedtest as of 4:54 AM May 24, 2017 Manila Time. Using different Internet provider in Mandaluyong City. See my Internet speed-test above, I'm pretty much comfortable with 5 mbps when doing a regular facebook liking and browsing. But as I do browse HD and 4K quality or ultra HD videos it became a little bit slower. Which a cause of excitement delay or may lead into irritation and frustration. 

After the press con last week, I also asked its executive if its possible for a certain homeowner to have Xtreme plan with 500 mbps no data cap business subscription for personal use?  He said yes, And I think these will suit for people like me. Building my Tony Stark Ironman like type of home multi visual hi tech station. Haha

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