Saturday, February 27, 2016

S5S Auto Car Accessories Enhancements Style

One of the best option that you can do to your car. Is to have it make up and dress it until it became the Ms Universe of the streets. After meeting with the Dr. for laser teeth whitening treatment. The dentist upstairs leads me to S5S auto hub at the ground floor. In which they showcase a variety of cool auto parts. From racing seats, air filter, mag wheels, mufflers, turbo timers, outfit, racing seat-belts, stereos, head unit, oils, headlight color film, alarms everything about auto car parts and accessories was here. 

He told me that the Mitsubishi Strada pick up below originally cost around 800k. But it look likes a multi-million set up tall strong bad ass vehicle for me after great enhancements. Also won several local and international car show awards when its comes to styling and tuning. So who said that size, style, sounds, lights, color and power doesn't matter?
They used this full wrap camouflage heavy head led-light pick up truck to conquer great mountains and volcano. Like when they do climb and hike at Mount Pinatubo valley ash-ridden rocky sandy hike trail path. Also I think this is one of the best partner for Hot Air Baloon Pilots and enthusiast. As I saw them set up the big balloons day before airshow take offs. On off-road grounds far from lights and electric transformer plug ins. So the scout and ranger squad must always be prepared for a week of air entertainment.     

Because all car enthusiast and hobbyist wants its vehicle to be on its best. No matter what sport or hobby they used its ride with. It looks stylish, comfortable, precise, attractive appearance as you level up the personality and unique value of your car masterpiece. So you can always on the ready edge mode. To rehearse and prepare for the next race or action movie pilot plots.

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