Saturday, March 12, 2016

Inside Philippine SeaEx Boat Expo

Philippines compose of more than 7 thousand islands. I wonder how we can connect each other via water even 3/4's of earths composition were waters. Last month I was at 8th Philippine Boatshow & Nautical Lifestyle Expo Conference in SMX (Sea-Ex). Aside from being a submarine and boat fanatic. It is also a good place or venue to see boat equipment, watersports gear fishing and anything about boat. 

I like to read about mission odyssey before and boating history before. And  like movie involve great maritime travel like top gun, titanic, water-world and commander bond submarine adventures. The venue was a cool place to learn with various boating and nautical experts to expand maritime in the Philippines. Fellow blogger Wazzup Plipinas was one of the exhibitor and partner of the said event.   

Watersport great stuff like Hobbie, Wind boat yatch, kayaks, paddles and wakeboard. Was cool thing I've driven and enjoyed in the past. To my surprised I saw Motorized 32kg electric high end surfboard in the event with 15 horsepower engine that can run of about 47km per hour. Aside from Jet packing great water stuff that my fellow crossover pursuit mates explore in US-CA extreme sport adventure. Like 007 british naval air-water land jetpack flying machine.

Also a good place to shop around, book a boat travel trip or lease yacht. Even saw Naval weapons as Philippine Navy also have booth there. Aside from fishing vessels, leisure boats, regatta racing stuff, off-road vehicles and motorsport water stuff. I can say that life is really good at waters. Go visit its future event Sea Expo to see jaw dropping water-world technology solutions.  

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